Saturday, October 22, 2016

OUTFIT // Asos autumn skirt

New look jumper // Asos skirt // COS chelsea boots // SheIn coat // H&M hat

Good morning and hello to another outfit! A favourite one of mine since this pretty skirt came in the mailbox. My roommate gave me this tip about the great collection Asos has at the moment, and since I saw this skirt in her wishlist I knew I had to get it. That same night I orderd it and a few days later I shot some outfit photos with this new favourite. 
A sort of warm brown colored A-line skirt with a corduroy fabric detail. I'm in love. The perfect style and color for autumn if you'd ask me. I had some trouble combining it at the beginning but any jumper from my closet fits the skirt very well. This jumper must be the biggest one I own, I think. Love how big and warm and comfy this one is. Combined with this skirt it makes it look like the 80's a little. Just finished watching Stranger Things and I'm in love with the style and art direction of this new series. Also can't wait for new episodes. Anyways, I added my autumn coat and a black hat to match my tights and chelsea boots. Sort of forgot about those boots but I'm happy I found them again. What do you think of my new skirt? And about this outfit?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lovely Locations // Fresca, Nijmegen

It has already been a while since I went to this lovely location. I think about two weeks ago, but I still wanted to share it upon here. I had a weekend off that time and went to Fresca in Nijmegen with Paul and my parents. The plan was to get some coffee, but we ended up ordering some cake ass well. That because you just can't say no to that showcase filled with goodies. I mean look at it. Autumn was already there but it was such a nice warm day, so we were able to sit outside.
Fresca has a lovely terrace with really cool vintage chairs and tables, added with pretty plaids and pillows. That counts for the terrace and also for the inside. When you walk through their big, high and beautiful doorway you sort of enter Italy in there. One wall has a major wallpaper of a little street in Italy (at least I think it is one from Italy). It really adds a lovely atmosphere to the place. And it is a nice thing that you can pretent you are in Italy for a little while. Plus you will find more vintage and their cakes, pies and ice cream inside.
They have a great variety of food. You can get ice cream, coffee & tea, fresh squized juices. But they also serve several cakes and pies as I said before. And next to that all you can order lunch & dinner there, which are sandwiches, quices, salads and ofcourse Italian pasta's. I hope I haven't forgot anything, but if you like italy, cakes and ice cream you should certainly give Fresca a visit. I hope to get back there again to try their lunch/dinner pasta's! Have you ever been to Fresca?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Outfit // All inside our Amsterdam she hides

Hi there! Here is that new outfit I talked about in my last post. It took me a weekend to find time again. Beeen busy with some really great things, which included a lot of interior shopping! More about that later. This outfit was shot already two weeks ago. I do have time to shoot photographs, and to sort them out, but then the writing part remains untouched for a long time. But here it is, a new post.

So, those two weeks ago I met up with Janne in Amsterdam to shoot some photos. Since I'm doing my internship there, and she is living there now it's nice to meet up in the big city and shoot photos for the endless beautiful (canal) houses. After a little walk we found this pretty place, don't you love it too? And how pretty are those flowers?! The jumper I'm wearing is a new one from Brandy Melville. Still in love with their clothes. Plus, I am so, so happy that the "sweather weather" and the autumn came here. I love to drown in big warm knitted jumpers, so really happy that I'm able to do that again! Combined the jumper with some polka dots shots, my Dr.Martens and a brown bag plus some red lipstick to add some colour. Ohh and I love the second photo so much! What do you think of this outfit? And are you so happy with Autumn as well?

(Ohhh ps: that quote is from Gregory Alan Isakov - Amsterdam, it is in the alum 'The Weatherman' and it is the best autumn album ever. Anyone who knows that one too?)

Friday, October 07, 2016

Instagram & Update // Pretty buildings, Amsterdam and lots of Foam

Since I started my internship at Foam my blog got a grand total of 2 posts. And this is my fourth week. Yesterday night I finally found a little time (read: stayed up too late) to write some blog posts (the outfit in the middle of this set will be online soon!). It was time for some blogging again, and I'm glad I took a little time to write, the photos were already there.
So, pretty buildings, Amsterdam and lots of Foam. My internship takes a lot of energy and time but I love doing it. I'm learning and doing more and more there and I'm very curious of where I will be in a few weeks/months. The time flies by so, so fast. Can't believe I'm already there for a whole month. Last week I met up with Janne in Amsterdam to shoot some outfit photos, a little preview in this post too! But I thought I'd first write a little (Instagram) update, just to write away a little. What have you been up too? Also busy with school/internships/work?
1. The rail in my room in Utrecht, love how that one looks in photos. 2. Took this photograph in Gent last summer, this was my favourite spot in the city. 3. Outfit from the other day, soon online! 4. Amsterdam has some pretty amazing buildings too, it is a lovely place to go every day. 5. Love this shot of the outfit photos Janne and I took. 6. Another travel-building-photo, this one is from Brugge. Ahh I hope to go to a new city again soon! 7. With Marlou at Appelpop, we had the best time there. 8. The exhibition of Ai Weiwei in Foam is so impressive, these are thousands of IPhone photos he took when helping refugees. 9. Last one for this post, another shot from my room, love the items on the shelf. So that was it for now, that's all what has been going on, just one more day left and tonight it's finally weekend again. Have a good one!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

OUTFIT // New favourite vintage pants

Unkown jumper // Vintage pants // Brikenstock sandals // Polette glasses

Hello to a new outfit! Last weekend I had the time to shoot some photos again with Janne. Going to the office every day, the whole day is quit a change for me. But I like it! And the fact that you don't have to do much when you get home is a big plus too. The first week I still had to adjust but that will work out well, hopefully, so that in the evenings I can work a little more on my blog! But for now about this outfit!
Completely in love with these pants. Or culottes maybe. I've had these for over 2 years now but somehow never wore it, or took photos of it. So now I sort of re-found these pretty pants again and eversince I'm non stop wearing them. (sadly the weather became a bit colder so they're hanging on my rail currently) They're so wide and loose which makes them very comfy. I combined them with some black items, again a lot of black, but I like black. Anyways the colour and print of the pants is very light and sweet so in my opinion I had to add some black to combine it. Ohh and then those glasses! Remember my post about the e-polette? I was lucky to get another one and went for this frame called e-Dean View. Completely in love with the glasses too. I love the vintage vibe they give to my outfit, but that is also because of the vintage pants. So happy to be wearing some vintage things again, that's something I still love a lot! What do you think of the vintage pants and the glasses? And the whole outfit?