Monday, August 22, 2016

Going up the country

Going up the country! Anna, Willemijn and Romy and I gave that name to our camping trip last summer. This summer we went out camping again (this time only the three of us) and that name kinda is the camping trip name for us now we plan to get up the county every year. If you wonder where the name came from, check out the song from Canned Heat. We only wish we lived at the time of Woodstock.. Anyways, we took a road&camping trip, and had the best time!
It was about a 1,5 hours ride to the campside and once we were there we could easily set up our tents. Everything came so easy and there was nothing we had to do. It is such a good thing that there are no worries when you're on a holliday. The first day we visited the town nearby, had a small dinner by the tents and went to the beach in the evening. We watched the sunset from the car and finished that with an amazing view at the seaside. The sea during twilight/sunset is such a lovely thing to see.
The next day we went to the beach again, but this time to soak up the sun and for a swim! We were lucky with the weather during our stay! The sun was there the whole day, every day. The sea was really cold, but we all took a swim! In the evening we went out for dinner at the boulevard and had delicious pasta's. Afterwards we went back to our tents and sat there talking and looking at the stars. I experimented a little with my camera plus the shutter and out of that the last photo of the stars was made! We didn't went to a specific place or city, all we knew that near the beach would be a nice thing. It was more the fact that we went up the country and a little camping holliday together! If you're reading Ann&Willy; I had the loveliest time with you! Ohh and I'm in love with the second photo of the wind in their hair! Have you ever been camping? And what about the "Going up the country" song?

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Heya I'm back again! It has been a little while since my last blog post, that was because I went out camping with Anna and Willemijn. We took a road trip (with the car filled up with camping stuff) to the seaside and had the best three days! More about that soon, since I'm still sorting out the photos. I still got so many things to post, like the last part of Zakynthos, and then I also took another trip to Brugge and Gent. I seriously don't know how I to keep my blog up to date with my life. Since all the trips have sadly came to an end. But by posting them later I can relive the lovely holliday moments again. 
Well.. for now: LKKR in Gent. It was our last day in Gent and Paul and I were looking for a place to get some coffee while we came across this lovely small cafe. We went in and had that coffee, including some really good chocolate cake! I love how the big windows give LKKR such bright light, and the minimal interior gives the cafe such a great atmosphere. You can have some coffee with cake there, like we did, but you can also get a fresh sandwich (to go). And they also serve some beers and wines. Oh and how cool is their menu paper?! I would love to go back to this place some day! Have you ever been here? 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

TRAVEL // Zakynthos, Greece #2

Today I'll share with you the second part of my trip to Zakynthos. Looking back at these photos makes me wanna go back so badly. I wish I could spend my time a little more on that amazing island, since we were there for 8 days. Way too short if you'd ask me. We stayed at Korfiati in Agios Sostis, a small town at the cost, the very first photo is our view from the porch we had. Waking up to those colourfull flowers and the sea every day was such a lovely thing. 

I loved the town we were in, the only bad thing was the big amount of other Dutch people. But the beauty of the island compared to that. In the 8 days we had there we mostly enjoyed the sun and the sea (and the pool, and eachother, and lots of tzatziki with pita bread). But we also went out to explore more of Zakynthos. We wandered around in Zakynthos City, went for long walkes at the beach, took a boat trip and we spend a day touring around the whole island, more about that last thing in the next & last Zakynthos post (#3). The boat trip was amazing, that's where the photos from the caves and rocks come from. During the boat trip we went on a little turtle spotting tour, sailed to Turtle Island and visited the Keri Caves. I loved the Keri Caves most, it was so amazing to see the mountains and the rocks meet the sea, we also stopped there for a swim, and swam into the caves. The nature near the sea in Zakynthos is so beautiful. Ohh and I love the under water photo Paul took from me, the water everywhere was so clear. That was the sea near our appartment, During that swim, while snorkling we saw a very big turtle! So.. in short we had the best time in Zakynthos! What place did you visit this summer? And have you ever been to Zakynthos?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

OUTFIT // Wandering in Brugge

Only blouse // 8mm cardigan // Cheap Monday skinnies // Bag to the Fure bag // H&M shoes // Forever21 choker

Right after I came back from Greece, I wanted to travel again. I spend 8 days in Zakynthos, but that was just way too short. I thought that a lastminute (read: going away the day after tomorrow) would be really cheap, but the plane tickets didn't matched our budget. So we deceided to take a road trip and ended up in Brugge and Gent (Belgium). I have some travel photos of those two places but for now a new outfit from Brugge!
When we wandered around the city and every street was beautiful. There is still so many great old architecture in Brugge. I'm in love with the big, light coloured building behind me. A little more about the outfit then, I'm wearing a new cardigan from 8mm. and a new white blouse. I love the sort of boho details the blouse has, and it is such a light fabric which makes it a perfect summer item. Not that this outfit is that summer-ish (sadly, summer where are you?!). But I've worn the blouse a lot in the more sunny Greece too. Than those espradilles are my favourite summer shoes! They're easy and yet special with the ballerina straps. Ohh and I got myself a choker necklace, which I wasn't sure about at first but since I bought it I've been wearing it non stop. What do you think of this look?

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

TRAVEL // Cameo Island, Zakynthos, Greece #1

This summer Paul and I went to Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Last year we visited quit a few Italian cities in a short period so this time we went for a "more relaxing" holliday. And that it was, Zakynthos is such an amazing Island, so sunny, so beachy and without worries. On our way home I thought I didn't took that many photographs, but when I checked my SD card back home I thought wrong: There were so many photos worth saving up here on my blog! Because of that I divided this journey in three posts, and I really wanted to start with this special place in Zakynthos...

Cameo Island. We got lucky with a view over this tiny but beautiful island from on our appartment. The very first day we already walked here to explore Cameo Island from the out/sea side and we spend our last day on the island itself. Cameo Island is a small, very small, island close to the seaside in the town Agios Sostis. With a wooden bridge you can enter and for 5 euros you can spend a day, or how long you like, on the island and that also includes a drink there. The island used to be conected to Zakynthos but during an earthquake this piece of ground came loose and turned into this special little island by the cost. I'm still in love with the vibe Cameo Island has. The white swaying curtains are a big part of that lovely vibe. On the 3th photo you can see the bay/beach from "the inside" of Cameo Island that is where we sat down, and enjoyed the sun, our drinks and the sea. It is such an amazing place in Zakynthos, plus you have a beautiful view over the sea and Turtle Island. I really recommend a visit if you're ever in Zakynthos! Have you ever been to Cameo Island?