Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Hii, eindelijk heb ik weer tijd voor een nieuwe post! Ik wil graag een keer in het Nederlands schrijven.  Het leek mij leuk om een keer te schrijven in het Nederlands maar misschien is het een beetje raar omdat ik de rest in het engels heb gedaan, hihi! wat vinden jullie daarvan?

Maar... ik kan jullie eindelijk mijn nieuwe analoge camera's laten zien (jaa het zijn er meerdere).
Ik had laatst de Diana Mini gekocht, die wilde ik al heel lang hebben. Ik had er een keer een wishlist post over gemaakt die kun je hier bekijken. 
Ik vind de Diana Mini er zo leuk uitzien, hij is zo lief en klein. Je kan hier ook hele mooie effecten mee maken, maar ik weet nog niet hoe dat allemaal werkt.
Toen ik ermee thuis kwam zei mijn vader 'zoiets heb ik ook nog wel in de kast liggen', bleek dat wij een hele mooie, authentieke, goede camera thuis hebben, een optima 200 die van mijn opa is geweest.
Ik vind het heel leuk dat hij van mijn opa is geweest, er zit zo echt een soort verhaal achter en op de achterkant van de camera staat een sticker met zijn voorletters en naam erop. 
Ik vind deze camera ook het mooiste van alledrie, ik vind het echt leuk dat ik nog foto's kan maken met de camera die van mijn opa is geweest. 
Als laatste heb ik van mijn andere oma ook een camera gehad, die mag ik een tijdje lenen. Deze ziet er wel simpel uit maar hier zit ook iets heel leuks bij: de camera is heel oud met een rolletje erin waarmee al wat foto's zijn gemaakt. Ik heb het rolletje al vol gemaakt want ik wil heel graag de oude foto's zien die ermee gemaakt zijn, ben daar heel nieuwsgierig naar! 

Als ik wat foto's heb laten ontwikkelen zal ik ze aan jullie laten zien! Wat vinden jullie van mijn nieuwe analoge camera's?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Decembrrr: First snowflakes

Lovely, lovely, the first snowflakes came to visit us today. 
I was on my way to school by train and the further I got the more white I saw. That made my day! 
Snow has something very romantic in it don't you think?
The photo in the middle is my own photo, my boyfriend and I.  That photo is from last winter.

It has been quite a while since my last post, (again) I am só busy with school.
This week I have three exams. So I realy don't have time to write.
Unfortunately! Because I've much to show you.
I finally have a lovely Diana Mini! Yessss! Thereby my new winter jacket came in last week and I also have some lana del rey - look a like earrings!
As soon as I've finished my exames I will show you my new thingies, and post photographs! 

Lots of love and snowflakes,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ordered: Winter Wear.

Jumper | Ebay | 14,00 | High waisted skinny | H&M | 39,95 | Coat | Pull and Bear | 39,99

Hello winter tide,
it is getting colder so I needed a jacket and a new jumper.
The high waisted skinnies have been standing on my wishlist for a very long time, 
so I ordered that one at too!  :)
Second, the jumper is called flower mesh jumper. The photo colors the jumper a bit orange, but in real it is more off-white.
I bought this one on eBay. It was the first time I bought something there, so I hope everything succeeds.
Have you ever bought something on eBay?

And last but not least, I have a new jacket for the winter. And I've fallen in love.
This winter-coat is from Pull and BearAnd I am very happy with it! 
Do you know Pull and Bear?
I does have a low neck so I only need a warm scarf, I don't mind getting one either :)

I hope they will arrive soon!
What do you thing of my new jacket & clothes?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mutton-headed Monday.

Monday's, I don't like them, somtimes they arent that bad, but today it was a bad monday for me.
On facebook I saw this picture:

 That's exactly how I felt this morning and at school..
I'm sorry for nagging! But I had to lose it somewhere. 
Anyway, to make me feel (a little) better I looked for some inspirational pics on weheartit
I picked black 'n white photographs, to stay a little in the mood of today, hihi. 
But than better, less grumpy. :)
This came out: 

Do you also dislike mondays? And what do you think of the collage I made?
 Lots of love.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wishlist: sequins dress.

Dress | ZARA | 39.95

Hii! Lately I've been searching for a perfect dress, I would like one that fits every occasion: a party, school or just casual. 
Yesterday I went to Breda for my study and at the ZARA I found this beautifull dress. You can wear this dress to a party, for instace at new year, but withcardigan it is nice to wear to school or something. 

This dress is definitely on my wishlist
Wich one do you like better? Black or white?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Just as the title says this Sunday is a lazy Sunday, latly I've been so busy with school and work so today i will not do very much :)
I don't like cleaning up my room very much. Maybe something recognizable. But it really was necessary.
Last Friday I had a day off from school so i cleaned everything up and adjust some changes!
Every once in a while i like to redecoraty my bedroom.
I really like my desk and the little closet. 
Below a few photographs of how it looks. 

My desk is vintage, but I found it a little boring because all of it is the same colour. 
So, I layed this very sweet lace sort of walker/carpet on it.
On the little closet I juist put some things that I like & love.

It looks very clean right now, I hope this will last for a while.
Do you also don't like cleaning up your room? & What do you think of my room? 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Big inspiration: Lovely Lana ♥

Yaaaayy! I have tickets for Lana Del Rey's concert. 
My dream comes true! hihi.

Lana is coming to Amsterdam in the Heineken Musical Hall on the 29th of May.
I am such a huge fan of her, I love her music and her style.
She has her own kind of retro look, very ladylike, a little sturdy and special: she really has her own style. 
She brings that also in her lovely songs.

In my opinion she is a big fashionista.
Anyway she is a big inspiration for me.
 I still have to wait a little while, but I'm really looking forward to go to her concert!
What do you thing of Lana

Monday, November 05, 2012

New month, new look.

Hii! It is a new month, and a new look for my blog!
(not that I'm going to change it every month hihi!)
I have been quite busy with restyling it.

As you can see I have a new collage for the background of my title. I made this collage myself.
I am very proud of it because it took a lot of time: but I finished!
It is a (little) big collage, you only see the collage when you come to my home page and not already a piece of my post.
Do you think this is annoying or disturbing or something? Or nice just this way? Tell me! Because it is not completely done.
Also I've changed the type and the lay-out.

For now I'm very pleased with the new looks of my blog
And you? what do you think of my new look? 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

New in: Little cross & infinity love bracelets

Last thursday I had to go to Amsterdam for a school assignment
The mission is to make a street in A'dam more attractive, so that more people will visit the street and the shops there. How cool?! 
Anyway I really like this project.

And as we already were in Amsterdam ánd there was late night shopping we went to the centrum afterwards. I've been to Brandy Melville and River Island. There I bought these lovely bracelets. 
One with the infinity symbol with love in it (: and a little cross bracelet. 
I'm in love with them, what do you think?  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy Busy

Latly I am very, very busy with school. Today I have two exams.. 
already had the first one about health and I'm not so sure about the results. :( 
In a couple hours I'll have my second and last one, about trends, nervous, nervous!

Also I am going to change the looks/the appearance of my blog (After my exams ofcourse).  Maybe some of you know that the collage behind the title is from Brandy Melville (I love that store (: ). But I'm making my own collage now. 
With my weheartit photograps for the 'background' of my blog! 
Above a little peek. 
And now I'll go back studying, wish me luck


Monday, October 22, 2012

Wishlist: Do you want a lovely Diana camera? YES PLEASE.

It has been a while ago since my last post, but i've been very busy. I have a new job: at the V&D (a dutch warehouse)! 
Well, on my wishlist... I i'm going to buy a Diana
I like these camera's very much. It works on photographic films, so you can only see the photographs after they are developed! I really like the 'old', retro design of Diana.
At Urban Outfitters the Diana Mini and the Diana F+ Dreamer are in sale for only €50,- ! (Very low-priced, and hopefully I'll get my first salary of my new job)
But I am really, really, doubting which one i should buy! Because both Diana's are so nice & lovely.
What do you think? The Diana mini or the Diana F+ Dreamer? 
I just can't decide, maybe I'll buy both then. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New in: Lovely floral Brandy skirt.

I had a very good time the two times i visited Amsterdam in the last two weeks!
 I think this city is very cosily.
Aaand… Brandy Melville is in Amsterdam! 
I wish the Brandy Melville shop was my closet. I love everything they have, but, unfortunately, i couldn't buy it all. Therfore I bought this lovely floral skirt. :) 
Do you like my new skirt?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outfit 001: Autumn.

The autumn is coming up and so you need to get (a little bit) warmer dressed. 
This is one of my autumn outfits, with my new vintage jacket. (:

Pants Pieces | Singlet H&M  | Jacket, ring, bracelet Vintage | Shoes

What do you think of my outfit

Monday, September 24, 2012

New in: A touch of vintage.

Hii! Maybe you already know, but I love vintage
This weekend I went to a vintage (sort of) market in Nijmegen: woman shop for woman. 
This is a concept whereby you can do vintage shopping for charity. 
The charity was to create a fashion school for women in Mali
It's a very clever and nice idea because you donate to a good cause and you can shop very original and beautiful clothes. 
(If you want some more info about it see this sites: &

I bought a ring, a bracelet and two jackets
The gold/green jacket is from a unknown fashion designer how cool?! 
And for the bordeaux jacket: I'm going to fit it up/edit it, with studs and lace i think. 
Below some pictures of the things I bought!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Collage: I wish i had these!

I genuinely like making collages of inspiring photographs.
I've made this collage yesterday, with some beautifull, pretty photos that i've hearted on weheartit.
I love the flower printed pants, the lace on the jeans, 
the skirt down to the ground, actually everything

What do you think of the collage i've made?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inspiration: Bun&Braid

I just saw this on the beautydepartment
A bun and a braid with a touch of vintage i think.
I'm really going to try this! 
I will post a photo of that later! 

What do you think of this hairdo? And are you going to try this?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dip Dye with Died.

Today i've finally done a DIP DYE!
With my sister Diede (her nickname is Died). We wanted to be careful, because it was the first time we have dyed our hair since ever!
So we dyed it with eyeshadow and hairspray

This is it! What do you think?