Monday, September 24, 2012

New in: A touch of vintage.

Hii! Maybe you already know, but I love vintage
This weekend I went to a vintage (sort of) market in Nijmegen: woman shop for woman. 
This is a concept whereby you can do vintage shopping for charity. 
The charity was to create a fashion school for women in Mali
It's a very clever and nice idea because you donate to a good cause and you can shop very original and beautiful clothes. 
(If you want some more info about it see this sites: &

I bought a ring, a bracelet and two jackets
The gold/green jacket is from a unknown fashion designer how cool?! 
And for the bordeaux jacket: I'm going to fit it up/edit it, with studs and lace i think. 
Below some pictures of the things I bought!


  1. Leuke jasjes! Echt jammer dat ik dit niet wist, anders was ik er ook nog wel heen gegaan :)

  2. Oeh! De ring is goed gelukt (:

  3. Leuk Nina! Echt leuk dat je was gekomen!

  4. Wauw nien! Mooie aankopen! Xxx