Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy Busy

Latly I am very, very busy with school. Today I have two exams.. 
already had the first one about health and I'm not so sure about the results. :( 
In a couple hours I'll have my second and last one, about trends, nervous, nervous!

Also I am going to change the looks/the appearance of my blog (After my exams ofcourse).  Maybe some of you know that the collage behind the title is from Brandy Melville (I love that store (: ). But I'm making my own collage now. 
With my weheartit photograps for the 'background' of my blog! 
Above a little peek. 
And now I'll go back studying, wish me luck


Monday, October 22, 2012

Wishlist: Do you want a lovely Diana camera? YES PLEASE.

It has been a while ago since my last post, but i've been very busy. I have a new job: at the V&D (a dutch warehouse)! 
Well, on my wishlist... I i'm going to buy a Diana
I like these camera's very much. It works on photographic films, so you can only see the photographs after they are developed! I really like the 'old', retro design of Diana.
At Urban Outfitters the Diana Mini and the Diana F+ Dreamer are in sale for only €50,- ! (Very low-priced, and hopefully I'll get my first salary of my new job)
But I am really, really, doubting which one i should buy! Because both Diana's are so nice & lovely.
What do you think? The Diana mini or the Diana F+ Dreamer? 
I just can't decide, maybe I'll buy both then. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New in: Lovely floral Brandy skirt.

I had a very good time the two times i visited Amsterdam in the last two weeks!
 I think this city is very cosily.
Aaand… Brandy Melville is in Amsterdam! 
I wish the Brandy Melville shop was my closet. I love everything they have, but, unfortunately, i couldn't buy it all. Therfore I bought this lovely floral skirt. :) 
Do you like my new skirt?