Monday, October 22, 2012

Wishlist: Do you want a lovely Diana camera? YES PLEASE.

It has been a while ago since my last post, but i've been very busy. I have a new job: at the V&D (a dutch warehouse)! 
Well, on my wishlist... I i'm going to buy a Diana
I like these camera's very much. It works on photographic films, so you can only see the photographs after they are developed! I really like the 'old', retro design of Diana.
At Urban Outfitters the Diana Mini and the Diana F+ Dreamer are in sale for only €50,- ! (Very low-priced, and hopefully I'll get my first salary of my new job)
But I am really, really, doubting which one i should buy! Because both Diana's are so nice & lovely.
What do you think? The Diana mini or the Diana F+ Dreamer? 
I just can't decide, maybe I'll buy both then. :)


  1. Gefeliciteerd met je baan :) Ik vind zo'n camera's ook zoooo vet.. Ik volg je vanaf nu, volg je me terug?

  2. Wauuw! Ze zijn inderdaad allebei heel erg leuk zeg haha! Liefs

  3. De mini is volgens mij wel echt heel erg klein! Maar de dreamer is echt geweldig mooi haha :)

  4. ze zijn allebei zo leuk :)! maak een lijstje van beide camera's en zet de voor en nadelen tegenover elkaar? goed idee? X

    1. Dat kan ik wel doen inderdaad! hopelijk dat ik er dan eentje kan kiezen hihi! xxx

  5. your lomocameras are so cute and your blog is very intersting :)
    thanks for your kind comment on my blog