Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Just as the title says this Sunday is a lazy Sunday, latly I've been so busy with school and work so today i will not do very much :)
I don't like cleaning up my room very much. Maybe something recognizable. But it really was necessary.
Last Friday I had a day off from school so i cleaned everything up and adjust some changes!
Every once in a while i like to redecoraty my bedroom.
I really like my desk and the little closet. 
Below a few photographs of how it looks. 

My desk is vintage, but I found it a little boring because all of it is the same colour. 
So, I layed this very sweet lace sort of walker/carpet on it.
On the little closet I juist put some things that I like & love.

It looks very clean right now, I hope this will last for a while.
Do you also don't like cleaning up your room? & What do you think of my room? 


  1. Echt heeeeel erg mooi gedaan!

  2. wooow, dit ziet er echt super leuk uit! vet leuk gedaan (:
    xxx Saskia en Jelijn