Monday, November 19, 2012

Mutton-headed Monday.

Monday's, I don't like them, somtimes they arent that bad, but today it was a bad monday for me.
On facebook I saw this picture:

 That's exactly how I felt this morning and at school..
I'm sorry for nagging! But I had to lose it somewhere. 
Anyway, to make me feel (a little) better I looked for some inspirational pics on weheartit
I picked black 'n white photographs, to stay a little in the mood of today, hihi. 
But than better, less grumpy. :)
This came out: 

Do you also dislike mondays? And what do you think of the collage I made?
 Lots of love.


  1. Maandagen zijn soms inderdaad echt zo vervelend en vermoeiend. Leuke collage heb je gemaakt :)