Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweet 18

A small update post! Towmorrow it's my birthday, I'm turning 18! In the morning I have my first drivers lesson, that is gonna be a big joke haha I'm not sure if i will be that good at driving. Towmorrow night I'm celebrating my birthday with some friendss! 
Today we made some photo's at ballet and I would like to show you one of them as it is a passion of mine! I've also been up to a DIY: Making a flower crown in lovely lila. I'll post that soon because it is not 100% finished! But arrent the colours of the roses and the roses themselves lovely? 
Andd finally its vacation! Spring break! So I'm going out now! :) hihi! What do you think of the ballet photo? 
Lots of love! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BIG LIKE: Spell designs

Wauw I just need to show you this, today my niece aksed me about a brand Spell Designs. I didn't knew it yet, so I took a look there. What a lovely clothing, the shop is like heaven haha! 
But really, the style is so beautiful and nice, it looks vintage and very very festival-like. I have found a new shop on my list for shops as my closet: Spell Designs. You can check out the site here: Spell Designs
Here are some beautiful snaps from their lookbooks! I choose 10 of the site, quit much but I just needed to post it. I defenitely want the jumpsuite on the last photo, I'm going to save up for that because their clothing are quit expensive. And I love photo 8, the dubble one with the beautiful hair en knickers. 
But shortly: I love all of these photos and I want all of the clotes hihi. What do you think of the style? Love!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brandy Melville addiction ♡

This is an outfit that I wear quite much. Last week Janne and I took some photo's again. The photo's didn't look that good because we couldn't find the right background. Maybe it would be nice to shoot in  a city for a difference, but then I also want a SLR camera to make yourself more sharp and that with a blurred background. 
At school I'm having Photoshop lessons, that is very nice! I've edited my outfit photo's by blurring the background and changing the colour, now it looks like SLR :) I love the black and white version very much too!  
The floral skirt and knitted jumper I'm wearing are both from Brandy Melville I combined them with my vintage bag and primark sunglasses and an Maison Scotch necklace (the chain is a camera). 
Do you know the brand Brandy Melville? I do and I love it, some friends of mine say that I'm a bit obsessed with Brandy haha. Maybe that is true but than I like my addiction. Brandy clothes are just so beautiful, the fabrics feel very nice on your skin and the designs are very prettyAre you such an addict as I am? Hihi, and what do you think of my outfit?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello Sunshine

Summer is arriving, it is getting warmer and the sun comes out, finally. Today I wore my maxi skirt without something underneath. I told you about Amsterdam and today I'd love to show you the things I bought. I've new thingies from, Episode, Primark and Brandy Melville.

At primark I only bought some simlpe items and an clubmaster sunnies. With this cheap one I can go save up for a real Ray-Ban Clubmaster. By Episode my wishlist got shorter with shorts hihi, I've got two high waisted shorts. I can't wait to wear them! 
At Brandy Melville I bought a beautifull bralette, it was the last one so I was very lucky! And a   very nice blue crop top and an hair elastic. I just love Brandy Melville, when I am there I always want everything they have in stock. I wish I had ons of their shops as my closet.
I am very happpy with my new clothes. And happily I can wear them soon because of the lovely warm weather! I'm going outside now, working on my tan, haha. 
Wearing my new sunnies underneath! (I know again new sunnies, but now I have only two. That isn't that bad, haha) 
What is your favourite brand or store? And the sun and warmt is lovely isn't it?
Lots of love! And a lovely sunday 

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Monday, April 08, 2013

From beast to beauty 001

I have something very funny but lovely too for you! Last friday I went shopping in Amsterdam with a friend. I've got new thingies from Brandy Melville (), Primark and Episode! I think I'll show you them later, would you like to see my new things? Now I want to show you one of the things I bought, a very unique purchase. At Episode I saw a really weird denim with animal print but with a lovely colour which I found perfect for high waist shorts, it was one of a kind. 
I tried him on, thinking about the pants as a short. And the denim fitted perfect! At home I cut of the trouser legs and it looked very nice. I was doubting whether I should show you the pants before cutting or not, but it looks just so funny :)
So from weird beasty to perfect beautiful high waist shorts! I still have to laugh about how it looked before haha! 
Do you have things like this too? And do you like my new high waist shorts?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Customized spring flowers.

When I woke up yesterday I felt like spring: sunny, cheerful and lots of flowers. That's what I'm thinking about then. The sun was shining so I could wear my lovely sunnies again, I wear them quite a lot these days.
So because of my spring-feeling I put on my lovely flower shirt (to match my feeling maybe?). Together with my new jacket and a simple jeans. That looked very lightly so I combined my outfit with black shoes, the sunnies and my black bag.
And I found a miraculous app for my laptop to edit photos, here you can turn normal digital photos into lomography
I really like lomography, it gives your photos something vintage, retro and something extra. I made a sellection of the most handsome edits. (in part because I couldn't choose between those amazing edits. 
What do you think of the edits? Do you edit your photos?

I thing together they look very nice, yes is it a treat for your photos.