Friday, May 31, 2013

Dream came true : Lana Del Rey's concert

Hii there lovely's! Yesterday I've been to Lana Del Rey at the Heineken Musical Hall. I love Lana and her music, she's a big role model to me. At the moment I love her song American the most! Do you know that song? If not, you should listen it for sure!
But about the concert, it was amazing! She is very good live. Her recorded songs are simply the same as her live songs, that is so good!
I like Lana actually way, way better live then recorded. Just lovely :) 
We were pretty close to the stage, even though our train was about an half hour later. And the dress and hair-band that she wore were so beautifull! 
I took some pictures but they were not good, not sharp & very blurry. Here are a few photos from Heineken Musical Hall, here you can see all the photo's!
But as you can read, a dream of mine came true, it was so lovely to see her in 'real-life'! I had a great time!

There is another thing:
There is a winnner of the cover it up iphone case give-away.... drumroll.. 
Mi-Lou Hendriks
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Lots of love! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Very vintage ♡ Long skirt

Yesterday I took some photo's with my boyfriend. He has a wonderfull new camera. For outfit foto's they arent that good but I really wanted to put my new skirt online, and show you yesterday's outfit! I've got a new skirt from Brandy Melville (how could it be another way, haha) I love it so much! The fabric of the skirt is very soft and the flowers are so sweet, long skirts are so comfortable!
 I really want to make better outfit photo's maybe in a city, because I don't like photo's in nature that much because then there is so much green. 
How and where do you make outfit photo's? I edited the photo's a bit because the colour in them was not so pretty. They arent that sharp but I love the sense in the photo's this way. And the blurriness makes the photos look very vintage. Do you like them? & What do you think of my new skirt?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

H&M Printed Trousers

I just ordered these trousers from H&M! (I'm sorry that I have to tell you that I bought something AGAIN, hihi, but it was very necessary, I just had to) I saw it on their webshop, and I fell in love with them hihi! I really like printed leggings or trousers for a while. Prints are very lovely and they are nice to combine. Normally you have a printed shirt and simple bottom but the other way around is prettier! It's also something different. And actually, you can wear printed bottoms with everything! (At least, that's what I think) I hope they will arrive soon, cause I can't wait to wear them. I already planned some outfits with the trousers :) What do you think about printed bottoms? And do you like this one? 

Printed Trousers

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

First give-away: Win a Cover It Up Iphone case!

This week I got 100 likes on my Facebook-page! And (as I promised) therefore I'll do a give-away. Together with Cover It Up you can win a Iphone case! What you can win exactly: An Iphone case by choice on their webshop. You can check out their sites and cases here: Cover It Up
The cases on their site are very lovely, I really like the prints they have :) Underneath you can see a few of my favourits. 
I wish I had an Iphone for the cases haha! I love the flower case in the middle!
Aren't they lovely? Which of the five above do you like most? Anyways, here is what you have to do to win: 
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You can enter the give-away until 30th of may! And also if you don't have a blog, ofcourse you can enter!
What do you think of the cases? And did you know Cover It Up? 
I'm quite nosey who will win! Lots of love!
Ps: I edited the lay-out a bit what do you think? What do you think?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blonder lighter and longer hair

For once, I think, a post about beauty. Though beauty is not my thing to post about I would like to show you this. I've always been wanting long, very long, hair, and since a while I want my hair to be a tint lighter but I didn't dare to dye it. I got these to hair products who hopefully can help me with my wish, hihi: Lee Stafford - Hair Growth Treatment, who will help your hair to grow faster and be more healty. And John Frieda - go blonder lightening spray. This spray makes your hair 1-2 tints lighter.
I am very curious if these 2 products will work, so I'm going to test it. They both say that after 10 times using you will see your hair longer and lighter. I made two photos whereupon you can see how long my hair is now and which colour it is. After 10 times trying I'll make photos again to see if there will be progress/change.
I really hope that it will work! Some friends of mine say that your hair gets really lighter by the go blonder spray, and I've read on a hair-blog that the growth treatment will make your hair grow faster. I am not 100% sure about the growth treatment but I really really hope it does make my hair longer :) 
What do you think of the products? Have you used them too or do you think they will work?

Thursday, May 09, 2013

White Wonders

Wow that's a long time ago (that rhymes, haha). I have many idea's for posts but I haven't got time to make photo's yet. But now I have an extra long weekend, so I have time to make them! 
These are my new shoes! White wonderfull man shoes. I wanted low white all-stars but lately I see everyone walking around with those shoes. At Sacha I saw these, also white but just a little different and I ordered them! (I will probably buy the all-stars too)
I haven't worn them though because I don't know how to combine them actually, have you got any ideas? Because they are so lovely with the vintage-sunnies and the flower crown hihi! And I have lots of more new stuff because I've been shopping a lot, vintage and in Amsterdam :) Oh how I love shopping. But, do you like my new shoes? 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

Today I finally can show you my new DIY flower crown. I've been so busy lately but it were nice-busy-things: My birthday, (I've got some very nice thingies!) and Queens night and day. But: I've finished my flower crown! 
Lovely Little Lila Flowers. 
The flowers are a lot smaller then I thought they would be but I like this better. It looks so sweeet :) hihi
A crown for a new king maybe? (more because i love flower crowns haha) but Holland has a new king and yesterday I celebrated the last queens-day that was very nice! But moreover, I'm in love with my flowers. The white and lila looks very sweet and soft together. What do you think of the crown?