Friday, May 31, 2013

Dream came true : Lana Del Rey's concert

Hii there lovely's! Yesterday I've been to Lana Del Rey at the Heineken Musical Hall. I love Lana and her music, she's a big role model to me. At the moment I love her song American the most! Do you know that song? If not, you should listen it for sure!
But about the concert, it was amazing! She is very good live. Her recorded songs are simply the same as her live songs, that is so good!
I like Lana actually way, way better live then recorded. Just lovely :) 
We were pretty close to the stage, even though our train was about an half hour later. And the dress and hair-band that she wore were so beautifull! 
I took some pictures but they were not good, not sharp & very blurry. Here are a few photos from Heineken Musical Hall, here you can see all the photo's!
But as you can read, a dream of mine came true, it was so lovely to see her in 'real-life'! I had a great time!

There is another thing:
There is a winnner of the cover it up iphone case give-away.... drumroll.. 
Mi-Lou Hendriks
Congratulations! Send me an email on with the case you would like! Then I'll contact you as soon as I've read it! 

Lots of love! 


  1. I'm glad you had such a great time! Lana is a wonderful singer!

  2. Aaah ik vind het wel mooie foto's! Super gaaf dat je bent geweest, concerten zijn altijd zo bijzonder en leuk :) Liefs

  3. Echt heel leuk dat je daar was! :)

  4. Wat leuk dat je bij het concert was!

  5. Ten eerste ik ben zo jaloers ten tweede yeahhhh

  6. Wat leuk dat je er bij was. Ik ben niet zo bekend met haar.