Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back in time: White Jellies

I have these new (vintage) Jellies. And there is really something about them, they have a thing but I don't know what that specific thing is, haha. Maybe it's that I wore them when I was little, so with the jellies I'll go back in time a bit. Or maybe because they are lovely and crazy and a go-back to the nineties.
I wore them last sunday when I went to the M°BA (Mode BiĆ«nnale Arnhem, I'll maybe show you more about that later, but I haven't seen everything of it yet) When I wear them I don't know how to feel about them because they can be so nice and new or a big no haha. 
What do you think of my jellies? Are they a yess or no? And would you wear them too? Because of that 'thing' I love (to wear) them. Thereby you can always wear them, even in the water because it are actually, water-shoes :) But so, that is what I'll do: wear/combine them with everything, not only for in the water.  I think I just need to take a chance wearing them.
Lots of love.

Friday, June 21, 2013

From the thrift Shop down the road

Today I had a day off, well not really because there is lots, lots of school work for me (unfortunately). So after learning a while I went to the thrift shop in my town. And there, yes, I found the perfect little brown leather bag I was searching for very long! For only 4,95 so the bag made me very happy. I can become so happy from buying new things, and than especially clothes of accessories, maybe a bit weird haha. Do you have that too?
I also found a sweet little Cup & Saucer, white with gold and flowers. I love that combination. 
And third an analog camera, not a very special one but it was only 1 euro so I couldn't not get it :) 
All new vintage thus. And I have a thing for vintage (and thrift shops) for so sure, I love that the products are unique and that they're carrying a story. What do you think of vintage and thrift (shops)? 
ps: I have lots of inspiration for new posts, lovely thingies will come online after this frist one. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Festival - PINKPOP 2013

1. 3onstage 2. Pinkpop bracelet 3. Ellie Goudlding 4. Panorama camping 4. lovely strawberrries 5. Passenger 6. Me and Willemijn 
1. Ben Howard! I just love his music! 2. Braid 3. Andy Burrows 4. Me and Paul. 5. Colour everywhere 6. Beer at pinkop 7. Lovely Bastille!
1. Again Bastille, their show was so nice! 2. Me and Paul 3. Green day 4. Festival outfit 5. Beautiful photo of Willemijn 6. The Script!

Last weekend was amazing! I went to PINKPOP, a three-days festival in Landgraaf. I went with my boyfriend, and two friends of us! 
We went there by car within all our bags and our tents, and there we camped for three nights. Camping was fun, anyways I liked it! Do you like camping?

The line-up was really great, we saw Andy Burrows, Paramore, The Script, La Pegatina, Passenger, Ellie Goulding, 30 seconds to mars, Bastille, Kings of Leon, Ben Howard, and a lot more! We also were at 3fm On Stage: a trailer where you can see a band within about 50 people that was so nice! We saw Handsome Poets there!
I am so happy that I saw Andy Burrows, Passenger Ellie Goulding, Bastille and Ben Howard.  I listen to their songs a lot, they were my favourits. Bastille was very good live! I didn't knew much songs from them yet but  I've heard lovely things at Pinkpop! And also Ben Howard and Passenger were good live, they sound the same live as on their albums!

We made about 800 photo's, a huge number haha! And because there are much nice photo's I made you a collage about it! We had lovely weather! It was quit warm and the sun was there. & For one coint you could get a whole tray of strawberries, so sweet :) I had three of those trays this weekend, haha. I also love the braid in the middle of the photo's. And because of the sun I was able to wear my high waisted shorts all weeekend! All up you can see a little outfit photo!

Festivals are definitely my thing, I like them more than concerts. Were you at Pinkpop this year too? And do you like festivals?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Left my other bag on the front row.

A new outfit post, last monday I went to a prelancering (NL: Linda Meiden!) with Janne
I'll write a post about the prelancering soon, and this weekend I am going to PinkPop! The line up is great: Bastille, Ben Howard, Ellie Goulding, Kings of Leon, and much much more :) I'm looking forward to it!
Before we had some time to snap some outfit photos. I love the fact that the photos aren't filled with nature or green in the background, the city is much prettier.
I wore my brandy melville dress with my wine-red jumper (H&M) above, it is such a comfi outfit. But it hase something lovely too. The little black lace is very sweet, and the red and gold give the outfit a bit more colour (that's important because I trie to wear less black and white). And to make it a bit less sweet I wore my black chelsea boots underneath.
While I'm writing this post, I was editing my photo's a bit, play a bit with colour and they are also very beautifull in black and white!
 This is one of my favourit outfits, it is lovely and a bit different or maybe a litte rough. What do you think of my outfit?

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Bohemian Maxi Love

Wieeeh, I wore my brandy flower maxi skirt again today! And later I worked on my tan in my bikini in the garden! It was such a lovely day! Finally summer is arriving here in Holland, yesss. The sun makes everything better :)
I had to go to school though, and at school I often look at webshops by accident, suddenly the webshops open in my laptop. 
A brand I really love is Free People. I love the style and sphere of their collections. The clothes, shoes, intimates, vintage, swim and accessoires are just amazing. (you can visit their webshop here)
And as I love the long skirts I made a collage of some of the skirts and dresses that are on my wishlist! Which one do you like most? (and here you can see my polyvore-collage, that one was very small for my blog, but this one is almost the same)
Long or maxi skirts are the perfect solution for everyting. They always look lovely and they are the most comfortable apparel, at least, that is my opinion.
Enjoy the lovely sun!