Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Festival - PINKPOP 2013

1. 3onstage 2. Pinkpop bracelet 3. Ellie Goudlding 4. Panorama camping 4. lovely strawberrries 5. Passenger 6. Me and Willemijn 
1. Ben Howard! I just love his music! 2. Braid 3. Andy Burrows 4. Me and Paul. 5. Colour everywhere 6. Beer at pinkop 7. Lovely Bastille!
1. Again Bastille, their show was so nice! 2. Me and Paul 3. Green day 4. Festival outfit 5. Beautiful photo of Willemijn 6. The Script!

Last weekend was amazing! I went to PINKPOP, a three-days festival in Landgraaf. I went with my boyfriend, and two friends of us! 
We went there by car within all our bags and our tents, and there we camped for three nights. Camping was fun, anyways I liked it! Do you like camping?

The line-up was really great, we saw Andy Burrows, Paramore, The Script, La Pegatina, Passenger, Ellie Goulding, 30 seconds to mars, Bastille, Kings of Leon, Ben Howard, and a lot more! We also were at 3fm On Stage: a trailer where you can see a band within about 50 people that was so nice! We saw Handsome Poets there!
I am so happy that I saw Andy Burrows, Passenger Ellie Goulding, Bastille and Ben Howard.  I listen to their songs a lot, they were my favourits. Bastille was very good live! I didn't knew much songs from them yet but  I've heard lovely things at Pinkpop! And also Ben Howard and Passenger were good live, they sound the same live as on their albums!

We made about 800 photo's, a huge number haha! And because there are much nice photo's I made you a collage about it! We had lovely weather! It was quit warm and the sun was there. & For one coint you could get a whole tray of strawberries, so sweet :) I had three of those trays this weekend, haha. I also love the braid in the middle of the photo's. And because of the sun I was able to wear my high waisted shorts all weeekend! All up you can see a little outfit photo!

Festivals are definitely my thing, I like them more than concerts. Were you at Pinkpop this year too? And do you like festivals?


  1. Dat ziet er echt super super leuk uit! Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Ik wil ook graag een keer naar pinkpop, al is het maar voor één dagje :) Liefs

  2. Wauw gaaf! Jaloers, haha. Festivals zijn altijd zo gezellig. c:

  3. Amazing post! ♥
    Thank you so much, I edit my photos in PhotoScape :)

  4. Oeeh wat gaaf dat je bent geweest, ik heb het met de livestream moeten doen...

  5. Echt heeel gaaf dat je bent geweest, ik heb het ook met de livestream moeten doen helaas. X

  6. Ik baalde zó erg dat ik halverwege Greenday wegmoest om mijn trein te halen! Super leuke foto's en nu ik die aardbeien zie kom ik er achter dat ik die wel wou halen maar dat helemaal ben vergeten haha.

    Toffe post!

  7. Hele leuke foto's, moet vast erg gezellig zijn geweest!
    & wat kwamen er geweldige artiesten ik baal heel erg dat ik niet kon gaan dit jaar..

  8. Super vet! Ik had ook heel graag gewild maar kon helaas niet. Ik vind je festival outfit heeeel leuk!!!


  9. Wat een leuke foto's Nina! xx