Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bleached in Thailand

Hii there, I have a little, little update here. In a few hours I'll be flying to THAILANNDDDD. I am so exited to my first holliday out of Europe. I have no clue of what I should expect there and that makes it even more wonderfull. Have you ever been in Thailand? Or out of your continent? Let me know then! I am so so curious, hihi.
A few days ago my order from H&M came in, I ordered a bikini. As they were only 5 euros they called my name haha. And though green is not really my colour I love the beautiful, tropical and bleached print of it. Look at the last photo, that print is so lovely. 
Together with the fringes (I dont like fringes bikinis actually, but this ons is an exeption) the bikini has a bit of bohemian. 
So me and my boho-bikini will be laying on a beautifull beach next week. I will post though(I have a blogger-app), but a bit less then usual. But for now you can check the post before this one. And I'll be on Instagram! Lots of love! And have a lovely vacation.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot summer days mid july, when you and I were forever wild

(This post is actually only for the photographs, just so you know haha, Because they are lovely. Though I'll write a little caption. And I just had to make a Lana Del Rey title, she is also lovely)

I love summer, it is just lovely. Hot sun, hollidays, bare legs, some breezes, and those beloved long skirts. 
Especially the Brandy Melville long skirts. My friend and I both have one of those.
Anna (the other girl on the photos) and I,  always have a great time. I've know her since our fist day on our very fist school, we were 4 years old then. The photographs are us, a little crazy haha. But for the most: Big vintage (and brandy) dreamers.
And for the skirts: they are so sweet, soft fabric and lovely flowers on it. So because of all that lovely stuff we captured our outfits of that day. This summer will be (again that word) lovely.

PS: I made a whole new lay-out for my blog, what do you think of it?
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Monday, July 08, 2013

From beast to beauty 002

Hii there! I've been out for a while, because of lots, lots of school work. Buttt I have (almost haha) vacation now! 
Now I have some more time for blogging again, as I have many things and inspiration about/for new posts! 
And because of the lovely weather I have some time to work on my tan (I look a bit like a milk bottle). 
annddd I am looking forward so much to my holliday, I am going out of Europe for the first time: THAILAND! 
About all of that later, now I want to show you a new from beast to beauty
A while ago I found the biggggest dress ever at H&M but for the smallest price: €3,- As I loved the print so much I bought the dress, keeping in mind to make something new out of the lovely printed fabric. And that is what I've done! First I wanted to make a kimono out of it, but there wasn't enough fabric so I made a skirt. Half an hour working on the sewing machine and there was my new skirt! What do you think of it?