Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outfit - Lovely last days of summer

I love how the sun is still shining and that it's still warm. I'd rather not think about autumn and winter yet, though my new wintercoat just came in haha, the coat is so lovely, I cant wait to write a post about it. But later more about that, now about my outfit. The sun was very beautiful in the afternoon so I went to shoot some photos with a friend. I love to show you this outfit because I wear this one a lot lately. The jumper and dress are both from Brandy Melville, the sunnies and backpack are both vintage and on the feet my sacha chelsea boots. The flowers on the dress aren't very loud, and they have very natural colours, love that. And you can combine the dress with a lot, and wear it in summer and winter, with a jumper of knit on it. The all round sunnies make every outfit better. What do you think of my outfit? 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Instagram diary 001 - sweetie pie & flowers

For everyone school is starting again, but not for me. I have to stop with my study, unfortunately. But I think, maybe it is something good. Then I can work a while for building up some savings and figure out which study fits me. Anyways here is my first Instagram diary with photos from the last few weeks. 
1. My point shoes, they are so photogenic 2. Lovely swing, and an outfit photo, you can see that post here 3. Sweetie pie, this was the best pie ever hihi. with lovely red summer fruit 4. At a summer party by the river with Paul 5. The most beautiful lodge at the beach in Thailand, you could rent one there and I would love to go back there and stay a night in one of those! 6. Last one: my new dress from Brandy Melville. I am wearing this one a lot lately I fell in love with this one, hihi. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New in - Natural vintage

Hi there, again some new clothes for me. I bought a vintage mango jacket and a Brandy Melville dress. The jacket is from a vintage store called froufrou's. They had a 'too good to be true' sale so all the clothes were only 2 euros! The coat is originally from mango. I like the classic and basic style of the jacket, this one is perfect for when the weather is a little bit to cold for wearing no coat.
And a new dress from my favourite brand. After a morning at the beach with my boyfriend we went to Amsterdam in the afternoon. I stopped by by brandy and I found this lovely summer dress (but with a jumper this one is also good for winter). I love the sweet flowers on it. And though the model is quit simple the dress looks very lovely to me. I will soon post an outfit with this dress!
I think getting new clothes is just a part of me, haha. Do you have that too? And with my new clothes I have so many things in mind that I also want. Like a new winter coat, high waisted skinny jeans, new shoes, and that goes on forever, haha. Lots of love. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outfit - Flower bralette on Koh Chang island

Finally I can blog again, I missed it. After a month in Thailand a month away from everything and a month without blogging I am happy to be home again. Though I loved the Thai weather. Thailand was amazing, a beautiful country. When I'll have selected the photographs (it were more than 3000 photos) I'll write a post about it.
Anyways this is an outfit from there, I think it is a fine outfit which you can wear on a summer (holli)day. I wore this at a resort near by the beach at Koh Chang, a Thai Island. 
Quite simple but lovely to. I the realy like the blue coloured and sweet flowered bralette and combined it with a black pair of levi's and white all stars. I really like the last photo on the swing, it was a lovely swing haha.
I found the bralette in the back of my closet before I went on holliday. Maybe I should do a little digging in my closet for more lovely findings. What do you think of my outfit? And did you have a nice summer?