Saturday, September 28, 2013

Want - I fell in love with a winter coat

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam, to Brandy Melville (where I bought new thingies), to (the recently new) Topshop-shop in the dutch department store, de Bijenkorf, and to COS. And right there, when I walked into the store, the title is true, I fell in love, with a winter coat. A beautifull 'timeless' winter coat. I love the green colour and the special deep box pleat at the centre on the back, the collar, the high pockets, the A-line everything haha. A light grey cashmere scarve would look so lovely with it, at least thats how I would wear this coat. I think you can wear this one over everything. And look at the simplicity of it: that is what makes it the opposite of simple. Do you understand that? haha. But anyways, I fell in love, I can't get the coat out of my mind anymore. So I am going to save up for this lovely. What do you think of this one?
PS: The bad thing about it: I just have a new winter coat, haha. But Elle said: on the runways there were designers who did two wintercoats over each other: two coats is okay. And thereby when I saw this one I knew: I need one winter coat more. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Photography - Black and White

A little post with a lovely photo from a little while ago. I went to the city with my boyfriend and suddenly 
we saw stairs with the same colour as my outfit. When I edid the photo to black and white it came out perfectly. 
Wearing: Primark lace top, H&M high waisted skinnies, and Sacha chelsea boots. 
Loving this photograph! What do you think?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Outfit - Little vintage house

Yesterday I found a perfect location for outfit photos which is also quit in the neighbourhood. A little cycling and you're there! I am very happy with the background, a sweet old vintage door, it fits my outfit just fine. I wanted to post an outfit with my new wine-red skirt, so here it is. In my last post I already had a little photo of it and told you that the skirt is lovely. The skirt is from Oasap,and I combined it with a black crop jumper and my favourite chelsea boots from Sacha. Quit simple but I like that, now the focus stays on the skirt. It's a fine outfit for autumn, not too chilly because of the jumper. 
I think this autumn I'll standard be wearing a panty with my chelsea boots, and than on top, skirts, dresses, maybe shorts, with comfy, warm and soft jumpers. At least that's my plan because that looks nice and is comfy and warm, and that's important now it gets colder, haha! Do you like my outfit? And what do you wear right now, now it gets colder? 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heaven is a place on earth with you

I havent been blogging for ages now, hihi. That because I lost the adapter for my laptop. I would love to show my new love/skirt. I also have new high waist trousers, so a few new outfits are coming up! I also have new analog photos from my DianaMini, if I know how the scanner works they'll come up here too!
 But about the skirt, this one is lovely, a red skater skirt from Oasap. Do you know that webshop? And have you placed orders there before? I love the wine red colour and the fit of the skirt. And this one is easy to combine. I really like how the first photo turned out, the skirt is the center of the photo. What do you think of my new skirt?

Monday, September 09, 2013

Whislist - Brandy Dreaming

I made a little wishlist on, because me and some other girls are going to order something there. And I say me and some other girls because we'll be ordering together. The shipping from brandy is so much, it's about 30 euros if you want to ship to the Netherlands. So ordering together is a good solution.
I went looking for some lovely findings on their webshop and this is what's on my wishlist for now. The Vodi shorts, the Jada dress, a black fringe purse, the giselle crop top, a kimono with flowers and the chiyo top. I want the Jada dress for a long time now, so finally I can get it! That dress would be lovely with the chiyo top right below. And with the velvet fringe purse. I also really love the kimono, and those would I combine with the crop top and the Vodi shorts. Can't wait to place the order! But first I have to do some savings, and work a little more haha. Now I am going to look for a new study, but it's quit hard to find the perfect one. I think I should do a study with, or about clothes or fashion. That always makes my happy. Do you know a fashion study? Or something in that area? And what do you think of these Brandy items? 

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Outfit - palm trees. ocean breeze. salty air. sunkissed hair. Summer in black and white

The title says it all, that was how the beach in thailand was. Amazing, hot sun, gently breezes hair that gets blonder, skin that gets darker. Or to say it short: a lovely perfect summer. 
When my boyfriend and I were heading to a city we walked anlong the beach and there we made a few outfit photo's. Because that day was very cloudy the colour and light in the photos was not that nice, but in black and white with a sand layer on it they look pretty good. But the title does fits my hair, after swimming in the sea I always get lots of curls in my hair. 
The outfit is quit simple, a Zara special T and a Brandy Melville skirt. With a clubmaster from Primark and an ankly bracelet from the Chiang Mai (Thailand) night market. And that bag is my new love, I really like the sort of lace details and the fringes. Lots of love! 

Monday, September 02, 2013

new nike free runners

Hii there lovely followers, I just wanted to show you my new running shoes. They came in a few days ago. 
It are Nike free runners. I saw them come along on some other blogs and I really liked them. When they were on sale I ordered them. Can't wait to start running with these new ones. Lately I try to run a few days a week, the shoes a stimulation to run more (hopefully, haha) Maybe I'll run tonight. For now I am waiting for a call to hear if I got a job which I applyed for. Do you run too? And what kind of running shoes do you have?