Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Retrospect 2013

 2013, the year I turned eighteen, the year I went to Thailand, the year of more vintage, when I saw Bastille, Ben Howard, Haim and Lana Del Rey, when I stopped my study (international lifestyle studies) but also when I found a new one: visual art and design management, a year with family, friends and my boyfriend, especially the year of shopping, the year of very lovely blueberries, the year of listening to old and new records, the year of shopping at brandy melville and urban outfitters, the year of 40 ballet classes and 20 driving lessons, the year I stared working at a chocolate shop, the year when I bought three wintercoats, the year of analog photographing, the year of better an lovelier outfit posts, and thereby the year of blogging.
And for now, off to 2014. Have fun tonight! And happy new year! ♡☮

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Outfit - Staring at stars

Coat Primark - Crop jumper Zara - Dungarees/jumpsuite Urban Outfitters - Necklace Hema - Chelsea boots COS

Hi there, I hope you've had a very lovely Christmas! Yesterday I had a brunch at my boyfriend's and in the evening we had a nice dinner at home with family. Both of those were very nice! The day before Christmas I went to Amsterdam for some shoppings. And at Urban Outfitters I found this beauty. A sort of dungarees or jumpsuite with a lovely print. I bought it right away, I really like this one-piece because it is something different next to my other clothing. So today I made some outfit photos. I combined it with a golden necklace and my new crop jumper from Zara. This one is so soft and warm, and it fits my skater skirts and this piece very well. The coat is something lovely too. Bought that one at Primark for only 15 euros! And I have new chelsea boots, had those for a while already. They are from COS. Had to buy new ones because my Sacha chelsea boots were really wore out. So thats it about my outfit. A lot of new thingies, hihi. I love this one a lot because it is something new or different. What do you think of this outfit? And how was your Christmas?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photography - Ballerina Snowflakes

Yesterday's ballet class was so lovely. We practiced Waltz of the snowflakes of The Nutcracker Ballet. Our teacher brought tutus and I brought my camera; those made a good combination. The photos we made turned out beautiful so I really wanted to do this photogaphy post. I really love the big mirror in our ballet hall. That gives something very special to the photographs. Especially the second and the last photo. There you see everyone including the photographer. The tutus and the black and white of the photos are something to fall in love with I think, hihi. Ballet is so lovely, I've been doing that since I was a child. And because of this class I finally got a little into the Christmas feeling, if you don't have that feeling yet you should see the waltz of the snowflakes. What do you find of ballet? And of these photographs?

Monday, December 16, 2013

She wore blue velvet

I have a sort of colour crush for blue lately. Not normal navy or dark blue, but: midnight blue. I don't know where it came from, but I just really love that colour. You may have already seen it in my last outfit post. I love the colour of the cosy jumper, that one is from Mbym. But it's also from my mom, which means I can't wear that one whenever I want too. But I found one at H&M (and on sale!) who is very look a like. It has the same  midnight colour. So I ordered it right away, it came in saturday and it is so soft, Hope to do an outfit post with that one soon! And look at that wonderful blue velvet dress, got that lovely at a local vintage shop. Also I have a nail-polish in that same midnight blue. That is the name of the polish colour so there I got the name for that wonderful black tinted blue.  What do you think of this colour?

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Two girls one braid

Wieehh I have weekend, this saturday and sunday all I did was work. Well, I had the evenings, when I celebrated Sinterklaas a dutch holliday. I got the beautiful visions of love by O.P.I (very dark bordeaux red colour), and a gift card for vinyls! I really want one of Bastille or Haim. Twomorrow I have a day off, so for me a sort of weekend. I hope to soot some outfit photos then! And about the photo: Anna and I made this braid a few days ago, our heads were braided together. We saw some photos like this and we thought why not thy this. Though our hair is very different the braid turned out pretty lovely. So I wanted to put the photo upon here. Did you ever did this too? Now I'm going to have a little lazy sunday, hihi. how was your weekend?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Outfit - Midnight blue

mbyM jumper - Zara skirt - Sacha chelsea boots - Vintage/ v&d ring

I'm so happy with these outfit-photographs, that's why there are so many of them: I couldn't choose just a few. This is how they are perfect I think. With an old, vintage background, details who are matching my outfit. And you can see the fabric details good as well. My lovely friend Anna took these of me last sunday! Now about my outfit, the first one in december and it's a very winter outfit. Love the midnight blue colour of the warm jumper and on my nails. I really like that dark blue colour lately, the colour is very special and not like the ordinary dark blue. The skirt is one of the best things I ever bought. A pefect one for the winter holliday days. It's just so beautiful with the patern beads on it. And I love the combination of grey and the natural white. This is the loveliest outfit for me for now. What do you think of this one? And about the midnight blue colour? 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Love to make things old

I made a photograph look like an old photo again, something I like to do and do lot so blog-post worthy, haha. It is a photo from this outfit post. I love how this one turned out. The one underneath looks so different, like it has been taken ages ago. And I love the sort of antiquality. There is something about analog, and old (looking)photographs which I can't really discribe. It has something special, something beautiful. I have a few analog camera's and I'm shooting with two of them now. I hope I can make a post with the analog photos when they'll be develloped. Shooting with analog cameras is the loveliest thing. When you are shooting you can't see the photos yet, not until after developping. I think that's the special thing. I fell in love with that, and with (old) records, vintage fashion, old tea cups, and a lot more old things. So therefore this little ode to the old.