Sunday, December 01, 2013

Love to make things old

I made a photograph look like an old photo again, something I like to do and do lot so blog-post worthy, haha. It is a photo from this outfit post. I love how this one turned out. The one underneath looks so different, like it has been taken ages ago. And I love the sort of antiquality. There is something about analog, and old (looking)photographs which I can't really discribe. It has something special, something beautiful. I have a few analog camera's and I'm shooting with two of them now. I hope I can make a post with the analog photos when they'll be develloped. Shooting with analog cameras is the loveliest thing. When you are shooting you can't see the photos yet, not until after developping. I think that's the special thing. I fell in love with that, and with (old) records, vintage fashion, old tea cups, and a lot more old things. So therefore this little ode to the old. 


  1. Heel gaaf bewerkt! Die laatste is ook erg tof :)

  2. Ik vind t echt leuk hoe je je foto's altijd bewerkt! Super mooi geworden weer :)

  3. Toffe foto's! Ik ben benieuwd naar je foto's. (:

    1. Okee dat klinkt een beetje dubbel op, maar ik bedoel je analoge foto's haha.

  4. Wat een superleuke blog heb jij! Ik volg je meteen hihi :).
    x Suze

  5. wauw leuke blog heb je ziet er super uit!
    liefs, x

  6. I like these old looking photos! They're different

  7. Hele leuke blog heb je! (Ik zag al gelijk op je foto's allemaal Brandy Melville kleren-verslaafdheid) Ik vind het echt heel erg leuk wat je hebt!