Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From beast to beauty 003 - vintage flowers

A new from beast to beauty! Maybe some of you remember those posts, I made this one last year. And if you see that one you'll know where the title of the post came from. In these posts I'm making something new, something lovely, and something prettier, out of something that is ugly or unsightly. I bought this vintage huge thing ages ago, planning to make something lovely out of it. Until now it just layed in my closet catching dust. So finally I re-made it. The top isn't that ugly if you look at the first photo, but I couldn't make an ugly one haha. You can only see how big it is. But the thing is, this piece it way too short to wear as a dress and too long and clumsy for a jumper. So easy minded, I just cut about 15 centimeters off, sewed the hem again, and there it was: my new jumper. The result is lovely. It looks so old and vintage but in good condition. And I love the flower print on it so much, the fabric is so soft and light but still warm. Ahh I love this jumper, hihi! I'll do an outfit post about this one soon, I alreay got combinations on my mind! Do you think the cutt was an inprovement? 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Outfit - Sunnies and sunflowers

Zara jumper - Brandy Melville dress - COS chelsea boots - Primark sunnies - HEMA necklace OASAP - ring

Ahh finally a new outfit post! The last one I posted was just after christmas, that seems like a very long time ago! Today I went shooting with Anna again, we made perfect plans for a weekend Firenze/Florence in the early summer, I hope we can go! We also had tea at a chocolate store/cafe, and thereby we had the loveliest thing: cranberrie, white chocolate fudge cake! That was the best thing I ate ever, hihi! The outfit has lots of white too, just two of my favourites combined together. Can you see I'm over winter time? Here in Holland it is cold, but not too cold and that's going on for ages now. I can't wait until summer, because of that the sunnies and the sunflowers on the Brandy Melville dress. I even had a bikini package came in today. Well the weather forecast was snow, so summer won't be there soon. Anyways, it's friday now, have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little outfit and photography post - Smells like roses

  black top zara - sunflower dress brandy melville - wine-red nails o.p.i. visions of love - white lace plaid vintage - roses Tumblr

"I feel romantic and since morning I've been acting wild,
Shall we eat all the poison and leave all the questions behind,
Smells like roses to me, Two young lovers at sea"
A new Little outfit and photography post, a very little outfit because this one is more about the photo edid. But anyways I'm wearing this lovely simple outfit: my Brandy Melville sunflower dress and a longsleeve black crop top from Zara. I think I'll make an outfit post about this outfit soon, with better an d more photos, I do have the time, but for now I miss a photographer.
I fell in love with this picture as soon as the edid was done. These kind of photographs are so lovely: layering two photos. I laid roses over this photograph and over me. Because these roses are so light and flawless. Its makes this foto look like a dream.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Inspiration - You may say I'm a dreamer

A little different post next to the others, because of the place of the photographs. But I love this something different. So, about the photos, presumably recognizable: I was dreaming away at tumblr again. I was hoping for an outfit post but I haven't had the opportunity to shoot some photos yet. I'm trying not to buy clothes this month, I actually don't really mind that because now I can think of new ways to combine the clothes I have. And also to sell/throw some of them away to clean up a little. But for the new combinations I need some inspiration. I can keep dreaming away over and over again looking at these (and more) beautiful photographs. And I love how these three look together. The brandy melville outfit is so beautiful and radiates summer so much. The second festival photo is perfect, she looks so lovely. And for last: those special stones, I wish to own a necklace with a stone like those. Where do you search or find inspiration? And what do you think about these photos?

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Things I love - Vintage analog minolta camera

I want to show you this thing which I really love: an analog minolta vintage camera. It is an oldie that  used to be from my dad. A little while ago I finally bought a special battery for it what makes it possible to shoot. When I turned on the camera it started focusing right away and that sound got me a little 'back in time' to my childhood. I remember the shooting of my dad when I was little. I really love how little things can bring back memmories. I've already taken lots of photographs and the roll of film is almost full. So very soon -whieeh! haha- it's time to develop the photographs. I know I'm always writing to put analog photographs of my other analog cameras upon here but so far there isn't a special one yet. But I'm hoping this camera will change that and then I will scan them to put them upon here! I think, I hope there will be special ones, ahh I can't wait until I can see the photographs I made! Do you also shoot analog sometimes? Lots of love! 

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Rail - If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies

Every once in a while I change the hanger on my clothing rail and then I try to let every piece fit into the whole picture. That is important as the rail is a big part of my room. But it is something I like to do. After cleaning my room I made this new rail collection, and here it is. With new, old ans favourite items. I like the different sweet prints and the colours together, and everything fits eachother well, exept the blue dress haha. Here is what i've got hanging there:
1. Zara black crop shirt 2. Vintage long (& very wide) trousers, I haven't wore this one yet because last summer I wasn't sure whether it's lovely or ridiculous, haha. For this summer I can't wait to wear it 3. Zara crop jumper, this one looks good with everything 4. Urban Outfitters dungarees, these are different from my other clothes, I really fell in love with this one-piece 5. Brandy Melville: The softest jumper in the world 6. Brandy Melville little black dress with lace details on the back and bottom 7. H&M wine-red jumper 8. Brandy Melville white sunflower dress 9. H&M dress, a very simple dress but it is a beauty, on ankle length and a side split 10. Brandy Melville jada dress. The same print as the other brandy dress but another model and colour, love those two! 11. Primark lace crop top 12. New Look simple black dress 13. Vintage pale pink jumper 14. Brandy Melville lace bralette 15. Vintage midnight blue velvet dress.
While writing this I figured I've got a lot of Brandy Melville, and a lot black dresses, hihi. And looking at the clothes on my rail makes me wanna shoot outfit photos, and that I have a lot clothes, maybe too much, this month I'll try not to buy anything (exept for the packages who haven't arrived yet). About this post I thought why not make this a recurrent post, like outfit posts who are keep coming back. And then show everything hanging upon there everytime I have put new things on it or when they are ranked different. That'll also give me some inspiration for outfits and then I know what clothes I've got. So maybe you'll see more of this. What do you think?