Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Can we pretend that airplanes are shooting stars?

Ahh I'm so in love with the current collection of Pull&Bear! They have such lovely thingies. Whenever I've got nothing to do I start looking around at webshops and fill my basket with everything I like/love. Then I come to huge money numers and then I remove the things I don't really want. Do you recognize that? This time it was Pull&Bear's webshop and after removing there were still lots of clothes remaining. So I made this (little) wishlist. I'm sure about buying the high waist skinnies, only I have to wait until my size is available again. This one looks really like, I think/hope as high as my belly button. And look at the lovely dress, the flowers are very sweet and you can wear this one for every occasion. Ahh and than the leather backpack, that's an item I fell in love with. It is quite big so you can use it for a lot of things. I hope to buy those three and secretly I hope for this whole picture to come to me, hihi. Well for now I'm in a huge dilemma whether I should buy a few, or keep on saving money. I did fell in love with the items and if I see them, I think I need them. hihi. What do you think I should do?  And what do you think of these items?

Friday, February 21, 2014


Wow finally time for a new post, I've been wanting to post the whole week but everytime I had time it was already dark. That's a bad thing about winter, actually only the snow and hot tea is nice, but there was no snow this time. Anyways I've discovered this wonderfull thing: Printic. An app where you can upload and send photographs and then the people behind Printic turn them into polaroids and send them to you! The best app ever made, hihi. When I won 10 free polaroids on this blog: www.styleliner.nl I was very happy! The polaroids came in yesterday. They're send to you in this nice orange enveloppe, and when you open it the magic comes out, hihi. I love the polaroids very much, they are so vintage-looking. I did this little DIY by hanging them on a rope on the wall with lovely little clothespins, so now they're hanging on my wall! What do you think?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Outfit - Vintage dreamer

Vintage/DIY jumper - Zara high waist skinnies - Vintage bag - COS chelsea boots - Hema necklace - Oasap ring
Lots of vintage in this outfit, got the bag at my local second hand shop and also the jumper is vintage. Vintage items have something unique, they are always a little different from what's in stores. I just have a thing for that and I'm definitely a vintage dreamer, but that is not something new. Maybe you've seen this post where I showed the little edit I did on the jumper. First it was a lot longer, still it is very wide, you can really see that on the first photo, I look so big there! But when I saw the jumper at first I fell in love with the flower print. This saturday I'm going to the 'IJhallen' a uge old fabric hall filled with vintage and second hand clothes, Can't wait! It is in Amsterdam so hopefully we will visit Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville too! What do you think of this outfit? And do you have plans for this weekend?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Velvet fringe bag

Fringed bag - New Look jumper - Brandy Melville skirt
Ahh I am so happy with my new bag! I recieved this one last weekend from Fringed (fringed.nl). A fringe-bag has always been something on my wishlist. When I opened the package the bag was quite big, bigger then I expected. But I like that, the bag is lovelier and more useful in this size: I can just put in everything I need, and though the bag is very full it doesn't look like going camping. I love the black velvet fringes, they give the bag and your outfit a bohemian and vintage look. The bag has a velvet braided handle and because of that you can make the handle as long/short as you like. If you click on the bag on the webshop there is a quote that says "you can personalize the bag by changing the handle and by cutting the fringes in a size you like", I like the fact that you can make the bag 'your own'. On fringed's website they have a lot more fringe bags and bikini's, love those too! But also some other nice thingies without fringes. Anyways, the bag can be worn with anything, because of the colour, well I would wear it with anything. Did you know this webshop? And what do you think of the fringe bag?

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Inspiration - I want daisies in my hair

New inspiration post again! I love to put pictures in this way. I wandered around a little at tumblr again and I fell in love with this daisy dress, does anybody know where that lovely comes from? The photo of the room is an inspiration for me: next year I'll move out. I'm not sure yet whether I want lots of white or more like the style of the photo above. I always love lots of different things who don't match, so I have to choose. Maybe lots of white with lots of bohemian. The other picture has something special I think and it adds something extra to the other photos. Anyways I'm really looking forward to style a/my new roomie, have a place for my own, where I can listen to my records, drink tea from little vintage flower cups, put beautiful things on my clothing rail.. ahh I can go on like that forever! Where do you live now? And what kind of room would you choose?

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Instagram 004 - And what we wear is vintage clothes

New month, new instagram post! I love these photographs together, the black and white combined with  the pink/red and warm coloured colour-photos. 1. Last outfit, trying out a photo without laughing. That only works with sunnies for me, haha. 2. Me and paul!  Already a long time ago: taken at Christmas. 3. My clothing rail, I love the vintage atmosphere in this one. 4. Busy sewing my new jumper, do you recognize the print? This one is from my last post. 5. Playing a little with editing photographs, put two different ones together: roses and me. 6. Me and Marlou in the train after shopping, we almost always go shopping if we meet haha! We really have to do that more often :) I think this month will be lovely, I have plans for going to the Ijhallen (uge vintage hall for vintage shopping) and I'm going to James Arthur, both in Amsterdam! Have a lovely februari!