Monday, March 24, 2014


"Lover I remember, laying out a map. Throwing our possesions, in the van.
The tapes piled on the back seat, the camera in your hand,
dressed for our arrival, in the strangeland"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Outfit - I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

Pull&Bear dress - Porch People Vintage tote bag - COS chelsea boots - Zara coat - HEMA necklace - Vintage sunnies
New outfit! Two weeks ago I went to utrecht for an open day and after me and my mom went to the city for some shopping and discovering the city a little. Utrecht is such a lovely city, moving out and living there seems so lovely. We walked past this beautiful old street, and we thought why not take some outfit pictures here! That day I just put on something simple because I was not planning to shoot a little. But I was wearing my new Pull&Bear dress, and the photographs turned out very well! I've put this dress on a whishlist a while ago and I've bought it, it is so comfortable and simple yet, still a lovely dress. 
Twomorrow I'm going to another open day in Utrecht: Art and Economics. I still have to figure out what I'm going to study next year. It is really hard to choose something what you have to do for the rest of your life. And thereby, I don't know what I want to do or what I want to be in the future, hihi, so I'm just looking for a study what I like. If you do something you like it'll be okay I think, and then 'later' will come later. What do you study? (I'm very curious maybe I find new studies or maybe you do what I want). And what do you think about this outfit?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Instagram 005 - Not all who wander are lost

1. Ahh I've been wandering a lot lately, around the city. I walked to different streets that I'm used to and walked a little out of the centre. That brought me beautiful streets with old houses with lovely detailed doors and walls. 2. My new Pull&Bear dress arrived and trying it on with bare leggs made me feel so like summer, I too have that hat for a while, what do you think of that one? 3. Bastille's concert was zo amazing! Really one of the best I've been too. It is a shame that pictures make it look like I'm on a bigger distance, in real we were really close. Anyways Bastille was perfect! 4. Beautiful flower field in the city. 5. Happy times with Willemijn on the very first summer sunday. We went to the park for sitting in the grass enjoying the sun and for a lovely ice-cream. 6. Last weekend I went to vintage halls with Janne, that was lovely too, I bought vinyl and a lace cardigan and there was a beautiful perzisch carpet. 
So that's this little update for now, I'm working a lot this week, but that's okay. This weekend I'm going to Utrecht again and friday Paul and I are going to plan vacation: Interrailen. It is a train ticket which allows you to travel all over Europe, So we're going on a mini-worldtrip, hihi. I'm looking forward to that so much! Do you have nice plans too?  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Little photography post

Wauw the time flies lately, it is already friday today (yessss) and almost summer time. Sometimes time goes a little too fast, like when you're having fun. The beautiful warm days already pased by, wednesday I went to Bastille's concert and that is two days ago now. Nevertheless the concert was amazing! Bastille is definitely one of my favourite bands. Anddd: they are coming to Pinkpop (the line-up is the best every) again this year, and as I'm going I'll see them again.
It is also already a week ago that my mom and I took the train to Utrecht, for an open day at college (communication and multimedia design) and for some shopping, some frozen yoghurt in the sun and a little wandering around Utrecht. It is such a beautiful city, with lovely small cafes and beautiful old lanes and streets. I brought my camera and took some photos. These three were the best, and the loveliest area. I love the little light balcony on the first one, a little hidden behind some trees, and look at that man reading in the sun, we also sat down a while at that place. the last photo looks a little like London I think, London has streets like those too! What do you think of these photographs? Have a lovely weekend! ♡☮

Monday, March 10, 2014

Outfit - We’ll wander, down the garden where it’s cool

Brandy Melville dress - Zara crop top - Primark cardigan - Cos chelsea boots 
Ah finally spring has arrived I'm so happy about that, this week was first-icecream-time, for the first time bare arms and today bare legs! & a-lot-sun-time. Also finally, Anna and I had the chance to shoot some outfit photo's again. Thanks for the photos Anna, and so here this new outfit.  I tried a little not to smile on photographs, for a different effect. I love how photo 5 and 8 turned out because most of the time when I didn't smile I looked a little weird. I'm still a litte insecure about the last photograph, but  also like that one, what do you think of the last photo? And about not smiling on outfit photos? 
Well, I really love wearing this one, it's very comfy outfit but at the same time looks like a lovely look. Wearing my favourite brandy melville dress and a simple vintage rose cardigan. Oh and also added some gold jewelry. It's a lovely combination of colours, gold and flowers, a little spring-ish maybe :) I'm enjoying spring already so much, today I went outside with bare arms for the fist time! Are you as happy about spring as I am? And what do you think of this outfit?

Friday, March 07, 2014

Lovely Hunting: Fresca

I remember last year at International Lifestyle Studies we had to go out on the street for cool hunting: finding examples and expressions of trends. I still do that as finding new things and concepts and stores is a nice thing to do, but then in my own way: only lovely things and not necessarily in the need of connecting it to a trend. This week I took another road to go to work and stumbled on Fresca. After a day working I went back there because I was very curious about it. And because it was the perfect day to wander around the city a litte, because yesterday was one of the (yess!) first spring days! Anyways, so what is this lovely hunt Fresca? An authentic ice cream parlor and spaghetteria. The best combination for a little restaurant, at least that's my opinion. You can go there for a sweet ice-cream and also for dinner/lunch and also take-away: Fresh pasta. First you can choose a type of pasta, then a type of sauce and last some toppings. They make the pasta ready right in front of you, that radiates the freshnes :) I had ravioli al pesto with some rucola and parmesan cheese, delicious! Ohh and about the interior, they have a very big poster/image on one entire of a beautiful Italian little lane. Looking at that makes you feel like you're in Italy for a while. For the Dutchies, this ice-cream and pasta house is in the centre of Nijmegen! Now I know about Fresca I will certainly visit this lovely italian place in holland much more! What do you think of it? Are you planning to go there? And do you like the new post-type 'lovely hunting'? 

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Rail - I hear the birds on a summer breeze

1. Vintage diy jumper 2. Urban Outfitters one-piece 3. Primark cardigan 4. Vintage trousers 5. Brandy Melville dress 6. Zara crop top 7. Brandy Melville bralette 8. Brandy Melville dress 9. Brandy Melville shirt 10. H&M jumper 11. Brandy Melville skirt 12. Brandy Melville dress 13. vintage cardigan 14. vintage crop top
Summer and spring is all that's on my mind. I can't stop thinking about planning hollidays, bikini's, ice-creams and outfits with bare leggs, or just summer clothes. So I'm hoping so badly that the weather will turn up a little. But the clothes on my rail are still for the little colder days. Well actually my clothes are for summer but I wear them in winter ass well, hihi. Do you already have a summer-mind like me? I'm always wondering about new outfits for summer and for some essentials that I really need/want, like: a light brown leather backpack, black or brown leather sandals, lots of leather hihi, ofcourse a lot flower dresses and and blue high waist skinny jeans. Already ordered this dress one from Pull&Bear. Tonight I'm doing absolutely nothing that's lovely every once in a while. Yesterday i went out for carnaval! Did you celebrated that too? And what do you think about these clothes?