Saturday, March 01, 2014

Rail - I hear the birds on a summer breeze

1. Vintage diy jumper 2. Urban Outfitters one-piece 3. Primark cardigan 4. Vintage trousers 5. Brandy Melville dress 6. Zara crop top 7. Brandy Melville bralette 8. Brandy Melville dress 9. Brandy Melville shirt 10. H&M jumper 11. Brandy Melville skirt 12. Brandy Melville dress 13. vintage cardigan 14. vintage crop top
Summer and spring is all that's on my mind. I can't stop thinking about planning hollidays, bikini's, ice-creams and outfits with bare leggs, or just summer clothes. So I'm hoping so badly that the weather will turn up a little. But the clothes on my rail are still for the little colder days. Well actually my clothes are for summer but I wear them in winter ass well, hihi. Do you already have a summer-mind like me? I'm always wondering about new outfits for summer and for some essentials that I really need/want, like: a light brown leather backpack, black or brown leather sandals, lots of leather hihi, ofcourse a lot flower dresses and and blue high waist skinny jeans. Already ordered this dress one from Pull&Bear. Tonight I'm doing absolutely nothing that's lovely every once in a while. Yesterday i went out for carnaval! Did you celebrated that too? And what do you think about these clothes? 


  1. um, i want this rail.... like all of it.
    love the clothes!

    xo, Brikena

  2. Lovely!

  3. Oh wauw, alles is mooi! Love it :)

  4. Aaaah Nina dit is echt een perfecte foto haha, zo fijn vintage

  5. Wauww, deze foto en alles er aan is geweldig! Tumblr-achtig haha ;)

  6. Awh deze foto is zo perfect, compositie/sfeer/vintage-effect! <3

  7. Oh buhh ik wil alles hebben haha! Je hebt serieus echt een hele hele leuke stijl (;

  8. Zo verliefd op jouw items! Doe mij jouw kast maar. :) xx

  9. Zo wil ik ook dat het er bij mij uitziet, haha! Super leuke foto

  10. Look at this, this is perfect.
    I've never been this organized, my wardrobe seems like a place after a mini-tornado gone wild.
    I need to be more careful about these things.
    Love your clothes.
    Also, I am absolutely in love with your blog. It is SO AMAZING! And your outfit and the pictures! <3
    Switch off that navigation bar on top and BAM! Best blog ever! :D

    Glitter And Blush
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  11. I love your bags! Well, all your clothes, actually.

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