Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A camera in your hand, dressed for our arrival, in the Strangeland

Last weekend was the best! As you maybe know I visited London for three days. I've already been there a few years ago and then we saw all the high-lights, like the Big Ben, the London Eye and the bridges. I didn't see those this weekend, that was a little sadly, but I did saw a lot more. 
We had lovely wandering walks around the city, relaxed and lunched in Hide Park, saw a very old but beautiful lane. Ofcourse shopping at Oxford street, had lunch at Ottolenghi, a new food-concept that is the best good food I've ever had, we also went to Once a musical near piccadilly circus. And the last day was the best in my opinion, we went to Shoreditch, Brick Lane and the old Spitafields Market. Those last three were very near to each other an filled up with lots of vintage
These are a few photos I took, In the mirror photo you can see my new vintage denim jacket and I'm so in love with that one, hihi. There will come an outfit post of the jacket too! And all the sweets are from Ottolenghi. I didn't took typical London photographs. But that can also be a nice thing. A lot of photos from the building, but I love the architecture in this lovely city, everything looks so old and with lots of romantic details. Maybe there'll come some more photos upon here. Anyways, that was, shortly said, a beautiful weekend in London. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wait up for me dear London

Tomorrow I'm off to London, and I can't wait to go! England is such a great country, I love the style of living and the old buildings, the lovely parks, ofcourse a little oxford street and the endless vintage markets, and naming things like this I can go on a little more. With my new camera I'm planning to capture all these things, and more. And not only I love going to London, I feel like I have the need to be abroad, different language, different culture, things like that are needed sometimes. Being a foreigner is lovely sometimes. I've been in London once, and that is already 4 years ago. These are some photos my dad took when we were there. Now I'm going to pack my things and put my outfits together! Have you been in London? And if yes, do you have any tips, tops, or (unknown) places we should go? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

This is what makes us girls

I love this photograph, I did an edit by layering two photos on eachother. An old photo from Anna and I last summer, we both had that long skirt from Brandy Melville and decided to do a little shoot. This morning I bumbed into these photos again. And I just wanted to share this edit I made. Because of the light flowers it gives me such a summer feeling, the weather is finally warming up, had bare legs the whole day yesterday! Today it was working time to sadly I was inside the this day, but there will be more sunny days! How did you spend these first summer days? 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Outfit - Daydreamer

Jumper Tally Weijl - Shorts Selfmade - Chelsea boots COS - Bag and watch Vintage
Maybe you recognize these shorts from my last from beast to beauty, I'm wearing these a lot lately, they are just so comfortable and easy and I love the print. It is already a while ago when Janne and I took these photographs, she has this lovely 50mm lens, we were in Amsterdam that day for some shoppings and an event. While wondering a little around the streets I suddenly saw this background and it just fits my outfit so well. I combined the shorts with a simple warm jumper and for a little more colour a vintage brown bag and watch. Like this the shorts are good for colder days, but for the summer they are lovely with a crop top.
Today I had a day off and that is the same for tomorrow, and I'm happy that I can relax a little because there are so many nice things comming up: Next weekend I'll go to London, the weekend after that one I'm going to the seaside and after that is Pinkpop! Saying that London is already next week makes me realise everything is going so fast. I can't wait for these nice weekends! Do you have any tips for London? And what do you think of this outfit? 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Instagram 005 - I like it in the city when two worlds collide

1. Had the best cheesecake and cinnamon tea again at Bairro Alto. Had a date with Marlou, she lives 1,5 hours away from me, so it was really nice to see her again. 2. Beach kisses. 3. Got some new vintage shoes! You can see them here. And don't you like my little carpet? 4. Shooting the Diana Mini is something I love to do! I can't wait until I can develop them. This photo is from my last outfit post. 5. Saturday I went to a cafe with some friends and while walking there I saw how lovely these walls were 'lighted out', the city looks amazing at night. 6. I got this beautiful necklace for my birthday from Paul! 
I hope you had a lovely weekend, I did at least! This week will probably consist a lot of working, but I don't mind that. And about the title-quote, lately I've been listening to Adele a lot again, do you still know her? But her songs are just so beautiful. You should really listen Daydreamer and Hometown Glory, those two songs are her finest! Have a lovely week! 

Thursday, May 08, 2014

From beast to beauty 004 - vintage flowers, again

Once in a while I love to wander around in thrift/vintage stores to find fabric where out I can make something new. This skirt layed in my closet for over a year now. It was way too big and wide to wear, but that also meant that there was enough fabric to make something different than a simple skirt. And finally I found something to make out of it: shorts! 
It was a little more thinking then the other things I made, because I had to draw the pattern and calculate all the sizes. But as you can see it worked out just fine. The shorts are quit wide so they look a little like a skirt. And for some comfort I made the shorts high waisted. They look so lovely, and fit so fine. I'm already wearing these a lot, and they will certainly be a favourite for summer! What do you think of this new beauty? 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

All I wanna do is play, see the city everyday

Wauw this is something amazing, at the flea market on 'Kingsday' I bought these two pair of shoes for only 6 euros, not a pair but in total! They look very vintage and old and that is the thing I felt for. I've always wanted a sort of loafers like the black ones. They look lovely underneath a simple outfit, like a skinny jeans and a little tee or jumper. And love the brown ones too, they are different from my other shoes, maybe because most of my shoes are black, and I don't know yet how to combine them but for 3 euros that was a risk I could take. 
Aaah and do you see the photographs? They are made with my very brand new Canon! I got the eos 600D for my birthday and after lots of savings. SLR photographing makes such a difference in opposite to the other camera I used. Soon there is a canon workshop which I got by the camera, I would love to know more about how to use all the options, beause now I didn't came further than ISO, schutter and the automatic stand. Do you maybe have any tips for me? And what do you think of these shoes?

Thursday, May 01, 2014

the outfit creators

Finally I can post again, I've been wanting to put on here a lot of things but the camera was lost, hihi. Most of the time when I have time for shooting and when I feel like doing that, there is something wrong with the camera, but there are lovely things coming up. I finished the new from from beast to beauty and today I ordered an SLR camera and I really can't wait for it to arrive and shoot with that one!
And another thing: today Janne and I 'launched' our new website/blog: the outfit creators (click to go to the site). We both love fashion and creating outfits, and came up with the outfit creators. Everyday there will be an outfit online just like this one above, for inspiration or style help. If you want to see more, just click on the link. Tomorrow I'm going to Amsterdam, and for now I can sleep late twomorrow that is so lovely! My weekend is starting tonight, so have a lovely weekend! Oh and let me know what you think of the outfit creators!