Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A camera in your hand, dressed for our arrival, in the Strangeland

Last weekend was the best! As you maybe know I visited London for three days. I've already been there a few years ago and then we saw all the high-lights, like the Big Ben, the London Eye and the bridges. I didn't see those this weekend, that was a little sadly, but I did saw a lot more. 
We had lovely wandering walks around the city, relaxed and lunched in Hide Park, saw a very old but beautiful lane. Ofcourse shopping at Oxford street, had lunch at Ottolenghi, a new food-concept that is the best good food I've ever had, we also went to Once a musical near piccadilly circus. And the last day was the best in my opinion, we went to Shoreditch, Brick Lane and the old Spitafields Market. Those last three were very near to each other an filled up with lots of vintage
These are a few photos I took, In the mirror photo you can see my new vintage denim jacket and I'm so in love with that one, hihi. There will come an outfit post of the jacket too! And all the sweets are from Ottolenghi. I didn't took typical London photographs. But that can also be a nice thing. A lot of photos from the building, but I love the architecture in this lovely city, everything looks so old and with lots of romantic details. Maybe there'll come some more photos upon here. Anyways, that was, shortly said, a beautiful weekend in London. 


  1. ooh I love all these photos! I'm hopefully going to london for a trip in december, I can't wait!


  2. Such a beautiful location and such beautiful pictures!
    mortem blonde

  3. I love the photos!

  4. Omg die foto met al dat heerlijke eten, ik had al zo'n honger en nu wordt het alleen maar aangesterkt ):


  5. What delightful photos! It sure does make out London as the vibrant city it's depicted as. Their architecture, music, fashion and beautiful artsy culture are all of which I lust for. So glad you had the opportunity to travel there, also that denim jacket is a winner in my book x


  6. Wauw, super mooie foto's! Ik ben één keer in Londen geweest en ik zou zo graag nog een keer willen. Ik vind je blog echt prachtig, je maakt hele mooie foto's, je hebt er een nieuwe bloglovin' volger bij :)

  7. Je blog en kledingstijl zijn echt zo leuk! :)
    Ik vroeg me af, omdat ik vintage echt heel leuk vind, of jij weet wanneer er binnenkort weer een soort van vlooienmarkt (is dat een vintage markt?) ik weet even niet de juiste naam, is... En welke dan leuk is om naartoe te gaan? :$
    Liefs Dani

  8. Wat tof dat je naar Londen bent geweest, het klinkt super leuk! :)

  9. hello,, i'm just visit,, have a nice day :D