Monday, June 30, 2014

Wishlist - Paisley Printed Playsuits

I've been searching for a printed playsuit for a while now, when I took a shot at asos I found these four favourites. Lately there are so many paisly printed items, I don't know if I see them everywhere because I like them or that I like them because I see it everywhere. Haha do you still get that? Anyways, my big love for daisies and sunflowers is still present but (maybe/ a little) paisley prints and "foreign prints" are taking over. Look at these four above, The first one almost looks like a dress and must be feeling so comfy. I love the second one because of the double print, and also those colours are beautiful. And the last ones are just lovely too. I like the two in the middle the best, number 3 is amazing, but unfortunately a little above my budget, I ordered the playsuit with the double print! Can't wait for that one to arrive. What do you think of these? 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rail - Just say the word and I will disappear into the wilderness

Ahh Paul and I booked our summer holliday! We are already going in a few weeks and I can't wait to go. We're going to Italy, first we'll spend a couple days discovering Roma and after that we're going a place near Naples and Pompeii (I'm so exited for Pompeii!), and those places are also near the sea. ♡ It is early but with the "holliday exitement" I pulled some clothes together that I want to bring along.  Here is whats on the rail:
1. Selfmade skirt 2. Brandy Melville skirt 3. New Yorker high waist shorts 4. DIY high waist shorts 5. Pull&Bear crop top 6. H&M striped tee 7. Zara black tee 8. Vintage tee 9. Primark lace top 10. New Look striped tee 11,12. Brandy Melville Brallettes 13. H&M top 14,15. Primark top. 16. Forever21 top 17,18,21. Brandy Melville dress 19. Forever21 print dress 20. H&M dress 22. Kimono 23. Cosy jumper 24. Bikini 25,26. Vintage sunnies 27. Sandals 28. All stars 29. Vintage backpack.
There are a lot new items in my closet and I've been trying to add more colour and prints because of all my black items. What do you think of these, can you see less black and more colour? And do you have any tips for Naples and around? 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outfit - Well, I’ll go against the grain until it wears me down

Brandy Melville dress - Vintage watch, sunnies - Tally Weijl jumper - Haim tote bag

I've been listening to Brother and Bones non stop since I heard them play at Pinkpop two weeks ago. Their music is lovely, from on very first chord I heard, I liked it. The title of this post was found in one of their songs: For all we know. The voice of the singer is amazing and the songs tell beautiful stories. Do you know the band?
For the outfit, it is a little different for me than other outfits, black and white, without loose hair and only the top of the outfit. You can see a little of one of my favourite dresses, brandy melville black jada dress with sunflowers. The jumper is so comfy, it's soft and big. Anyways I like this difference in showing an outfit. I've been thinking about other ways to make outfit photos - I've got some things in mind like these photos - but that isn't as easy as it seems. On the other hand, by making a diffence in the outfit itself it can be a diffence to. But what do you think of that? By the way, today I'm going to a meeting for my new study, Communication and Multimedia Design. I'm little nervous but also exited! What do you like this outfit/post? 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

From beast to beauty 005 - Beach gypsy

The last two days there was absolutely nothing I had to do. So there was time for sewing! And that was what I did the whole day. Because of all the time I made a new from beast to beauty. And I went a little further this time than a clothing piece: I made a bikini! At H&M I found these bikini bottoms, way to big for me, but they were only 1 euro and I knew these from an old collection and I love(d) the print so much. I bought two bottoms: one that I could make smaller and one for the bikini top. So that is what I did and here it is my new bikini! For only two euros and two hours of time. 
What do you think of this analog set/collage? I love the gypsy and the beachy feeling that is given by the combination of the flower print, shells and the dreamcatcher. I made the necklace, the sunnies are vintage and the shell ankle strap is from Thailand. These accessoires would be perfect for a day at the beach! What do you think of my new from beast to beauty?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm leaving. Are you coming with me?

Wauw the past three weekends went by so fast, probably because I've done a lot. First a weekend London, then a little holliday at the sea and last, maybe the best, I went to Pinkpop past sunday! Only 1 day. The Rolling Stones were playing saturday so tickets for the whole weekend were sold immediately. But nevertheless that sunday was amazing! I saw Ed Sheeran making all the sounds/music  himself and he sang so lovely, had an high five from Chef'special, and saw The Kooks, Brother and Bones and the Arctic Monkeys. Do you know Brother and Bones? Their music is really nice. I've been listening to them a lot since I saw them at Pinkpop. Did you went to Pinkpop too?
All of these make me want to go on a new holliday more and more. That is a bit silly because I've already done so much. But there is another prospect for summer and that is Italy. We are going to Pompeii, I can't wait to see that place. For now I'm back to work again. I made this little selection photographs from these lovely things. 1. Ed Sheeran 2. Lovely lane in London 3. Brother and Bones 4. Seaside photograph.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Last weekend I went out for a holliday with Paul's family, we went to the sea for the weekend. The sea is always a good idea
It is so lovely to just sit on the beach with bare feet in the sand, dream away a little, and with nice weather and lots of sun it's even better. So we spend a lot of time at the beach, as you can see in the photos. On the 4th photo we watched the sunset, the sun just sunked in the sea. We were that south that we could easily visit Belgium, we went to Brugge and Knokke. Brugge is a lovely city, a little like london if you look at all the architecture but then more sweet, local and more water. For the rest, we relaxed a lot and sleeped late, there was nothing really necessarily, and not having to do anything is nice sometimes. So: A lovely weekend! 
By the way, I like this setup for the photographs. These are some from Instagram and ones I made with my camera. When on holliday I always make lots of photos, and by putting 4 into 1 I can show more photographs without making a really long post or leaving ones behind, in that way I'm able to show everything. This holliday I realised that the beach is one of the best and my favourie places, therefore me and Paul are searching for some nice places at the seaside in Italy for summer. Any recommendations or advice for Italian beach cities? & How do you feel about the seaside?

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Outfit - Shoreditch' vintage heaven

Vintage jacket, watch and sunnies - New Look striped tee - Forever21 shorts - Oasap ring - Converse all stars
I'm still a little dreamy off London, the city gives so much impressions and experiences. I shot these photographs in Shoreditch. For the ones who don't know that place: sort of a vintage heaven, haha. There are lots of vintage markets and stores there and also a lot new concepts and innovations. And if you walk away from the crowd you reach old lanes like this one. I love those for outfit backgrounds. 
My outfit in the morning was a striped tee and new Forever21 shorts, with a simple jumper. But in Shoreditch and Bricklane I found a beautiful vintage denim jacket. A bit oversized but I like that, ah and I also couldn't believe that it was only 5 pounds! It is a new favourite of mine. And the sunnies are vintage from there too! They are different from the ones I saw in stores but stil very lovely! So in the afternoon my outfit changed into this one from the photos, and I really like this one.
Right now London is already two weeks ago. This weekend I went to the seaside with Paul's famlily, had a lovely time there. The weather was good and the beach is always good. Too bad that it is already over, I can't wait for the next holliday. How was your weekend? And what do you think of this outfit?