Thursday, July 24, 2014

Outfit - Endless summer

DIY shorts and crop top - Selfmade tote bag - Primark sunnies - HEMA necklace 
A few days ago I went to that field again for some new outfit photograps, I really like the location. But I think I love old buildings more for a background. Here in Italy there is so much beautiful architecture. The outfit is a simple one, just some high waist black shorts and a lace crop top. But it is a about the bag a little: I made that one myself! I really like tote bags with a print lately, when you're wearing something simple the bag can make your outfit a bit more interesting. What do you think about this outfit? And how is your summer?

Friday, July 18, 2014

We'll wander down to Rome

Aahh whieeh, tonight I'm flying off to Rome. I'm so exited, I've been to Rome once but I was so little that I can't remember it all. I found this old photograph and this one is lovely. I can't wait for all the ice-creams, the language amd the beautiful old architecture. And ofcourse the sun and after rome the beach.   And the salty hair sunkissed skin is something which I love too. There won't be much on the blog for these two weeks, but if you want (or not) you can follow me on Instagram (@ninaheutinck), I'll be posting much there :) I hope you have a lovely summer! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dreaming about summer paradise 2

1. All H&M 2. Little Italian store top, Primark bottoms 3. H&M top, Little Italian store bottoms 4. All H&M
Time flies when you're busy and have a good time. I have to work a lot this week and thereby now are the 'zomerfeesten Nijmegen', this is a very big festival in the city. My favourite part is 'Valkhof Festival' I already saw some amazing bands and singers! It is already the end of this week that I'm flying to Italy, and aah, in advance I'm dreaming away about long hot summer days at the beach, therefore you need bikini's. Last winter I made a bikini wishlist and that one comes close to what I have now, and I like these a little more. 2 printed ones, 1 white and 1 black. So these are perfect to combine. Look at these sets above. Can't wait to wear them, they give some endless combinations. So these are a little more then 4 bikinis! I like to combine different tops and bottoms instead of the same top and bottoms, though I like that too. Do you mix and match your bikinis too? And which one do you like best?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

From beast to beauty - Bleached Levi's shorts

Yesterday I did a new 'bleach project'. I really wanted white high waisted shorts and I had these levi's shorts I never wore. So I thought why not bleach them to make the white shorts myself. I don't know yet whether I like the result, because the colours are a bit different then I expected. The stick fabrics didn't bleached along so those are very present and they are more beige then white. But that would maybe be nice with a top in the same colour, or stripes or a red shirt (not that I have a red shirt). Anyways it is not a real big problem since I never wore the blue shorts, though I regret the bleaching a little. Maybe the title was better 'from beauty to beast'. But, now I sort of have new shorts for free. Which one/colour do you like better?

Monday, July 07, 2014

Instagram 006 - Wanderlust to get away

Ahh I want to get away so much! I can't wait to go to Italy and discover a place I don't know. This is only 1,5 week away and I hope that these days will go fast, they probably will because I have to go to work and there will be a big summer festival in the city. These are some photos from Instagram. 1. I love these outfit details, the lace and the black look lovely together. 2. Outfit from where I stand wearing my new dress, I love the print of it and these are my new favourite sandals. 4&5. Beautiful skies. 5. First outfit photo with my new lens. I got the 50mm lens! Can't describe how happy I am. 6. Lots of colours on the rail, maybe a little too much colour together for me, haha. So I hope I will get through these 1,5 weeks. Do you have holliday plans for yourself? And what do you think of these photographs?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Outfit & New lens - We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we lie in fields of gold

Lace dress, Floppy hat H&M - Belt unknown - Bracelets Primark

Yesterday my new lens came in, it was immediately used and fulfilled my expectations. Is is the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. And I'm already so in love with the photographs you can make with this one. I'm happy that I bought it before my holliday to Italy in a few weeks, I'll be taking this lens with me for sure! 
Willemijn came by and we took some photos. Just around the corner of my house is this amazing field of gold. Perfect for some outfit photographs. This lace dress is an oldie I found in the back of my closet and I don't know why I forgot about this one because it is actually quit lovely. I combined it with my floppy hat and a little black belt. What do you think about this outfit? And can you see what I see, the beautiful new quality of photographs?