Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY - Replace fear by curiosity

Wow I've been so busy lately. I had the introduction of my new study, we went on a camp and yesterday I met my new whole class. I was so excited but so nervous before. Afterwards there is no need of being nervous. Everything will just go it's way. So therefore I love the quote "replace fear by curiosity" Tuesday the classes will start and the holliday will be over. Too bad, but at the same time I can't wait to do something, learn, sea and do new things! 
Anyways, about this photograph, I made these bracelets myself! Marlou took me to Beadies a cute litte shop in Utrecht and they sell an amazing amount of beads. Looking around there I wanted to make lots and lots of bracelets, the shop gives lovely inspiration. So I sought out the beads I loved and in the train on my way back home I started making them. Now I already have these three, and I really like them. Can't wait to make different ones in other colours and styles! What do you think of these? And are you starting a new study too?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Instagram 007 - shades of purple

Instagram: @ninaheutinck
A new instagram post, school is almost here and I'm nervous yet very excited. I'm going to begin a new study, so a new chapter. The booklist I got told me to buy brushes, paint and different kinds of paper. So I'm very curious of how creative the study will be. But for now the holliday is still here! (a few days only) These are some photographs from lately. 
1. I'm so happy with these new Brandy items. I'm wearing the cardigan right now! 2. Lovely restaurant 'Dwaze Zaken' in Amsterdam. 3. At the volcano in Italy 4. Went to Boy&Bear's concert in the park, they were lovely! 5. Selfie in Brandy 6. Beautifull streets in Amsterdam 7. Me and Paul in Rome. I wish we were there. 8. The most amazing view, this is the vesuvius from Seiano in Italy 9. Ahh I would love a wall like that in my room. What do you think of these? And how is/was your holliday?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New in - Brandy Melville

This summer I bought quit a lot at Brandy Melville, I thought first that I didn't liked it that much anymore. Don't get me wrong I love the brand but lately everything was the same and without something new. But visiting Brandy in Italy I fell in love again. They have some amazing new prints: I love the print of the shorts I bought the most! That print is a kind of perfection. Also there was lots of sale in Italy. I bought the black skirt and grey jumper both for only 5 euros! 
Last wensday I went to Amsterdam and I finally bought the caroline cardigan. I've been wanting this one for a very long time but I always found it a bit too expensive. But after some thinking, I got it. And this cardigan is already the best thing I ever bought, I've been wearing it non stop so it was a good investment. It is so comfy and soft and big that you can live in it. And I've a little black dress. Ahh how I love brandy melville! What do you think of brandy, and my new thingies?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outfit - I wouldn't mind it if I lost my mind

Double Agent shorts - V&D crop top - Vintage watch, sunnies - Primark sandals
An outfit out of Rome! In my last two posts I wrote a about my trip to Rome and the lovely new-discovered shop Double Agent. These are the shorts I bought there! They are a little high waist and full with little white flowers. I combined them with a simple white crop top. Actually this whole outfit is a little simple, but I don't mind. I is very comfy and summer-ish. And because of all the light colours I put on my vintage sunnies and watch and some black sandals! 
These photos were made at Altare Della Patria a huge white beautiful building in Rome. For free you can go up and enjoy the amazing view. And there Paul made these photographs. This was one of the  things in Rome I liked the most! The light in the photos is perfect, that because of in front of me was so much white. So that is a nice little detail. Right now Rome is already so far away, unfortunately. But yesterday I went to Amsterdam and this night I'm going to Boy & Bear's concert. Do you know them? What do you think of this outfit?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lovely shop: Double Agent

When I was in Rome I discovered this amazing clothing brand: Double Agent. And I thought that is worth a little post upon here. Walking through the shopping area (searching for Brandy Melville) I stumbeled on this shop. Their style/clothing and store-presentation looks a lot like Brandy Melville but just a little different, like subdued looks like brandy too. And thereby (little important) Double Agent is much cheaper then brandy and subdued. While searching up a little about the shop I found out that the store in Rome a few weeks. They have lots of nice high waists and some amazing fabrics and prints. Their knits are so soft and comfy, I bought a thin knitted jumper and green-white floral printed shorts. And I love the first photograph and the little outfits under. I like the fact that (here in holland) this shop isn't that known yet. Brandy Melville is pretty present nowadays, not that I don't love that brand! Did you knew this Double Agent? And what do you think?

Friday, August 08, 2014

Wandering/Travel - Rome

First, sorry for all the photographs. I find it a bit noisy, because there are a lot. Still after thousand sellections there really were no photos left to leave behind. But these look fine together. I made so many photographs in Italy, that mostly because everything is so photogenic, whether it is a building, food, a street or anything else. I had te time to figure out more about my camera too, but this post is about a part of my holliday; two days Rome.
We had such a cute room, we had to go inside via a big old door and then through a beautiful old pink hall (photo 14). In that way it seemed like we lived in the city. In one day there is so much you can do. The first day we've been in the beautiful and impressing Vatican city (we've been there like 3 times and eveytime it's amazing again), saw the pantheon, climed the spanish steps, had pasta and did a little shopping. The Brandy Melville in Rome was the biggest one I saw in forever. There were 2 of those big shops in the city, so that was quite like heaven. I bought the shorts you see in photo 15 and some other things. Maybe I'll do a Rome-shoplog! 
The second day we visited the colosseum (photo 17&18), it was so big. I really wonder how they build that in those times. And almost next to the collosseum is Altare Della Patria, a big beautiful white detailled building. There we walked in and climbed some stairs, when we got outsite there was the most amazing view! (photo 5) On that terrazza we had lunch next to the amazing view, and we made some outfit photos there! They'll come online soon. Also one of the places I really loved was Piazza Navona (photo 8&16). A piazza with 3 fountains, a lot of artists, lots of floral balconies, and good trattoria's/ristorantes. Very authentic and cosy! We've been there a lot and ate  Spaghetti Carbonada. Oh and there also were lots of ice-creams! I hated it to go home again, here in Holland everyting goes with so much rush and it all has to go/be quick, you don't see that in Italy and that is so nice. Anyways, Rome was amazing and lovely and nice and more! I think my favourite capital city of Europe. Do you have a favourite too? And what do you think of these photos?