Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY - Replace fear by curiosity

Wow I've been so busy lately. I had the introduction of my new study, we went on a camp and yesterday I met my new whole class. I was so excited but so nervous before. Afterwards there is no need of being nervous. Everything will just go it's way. So therefore I love the quote "replace fear by curiosity" Tuesday the classes will start and the holliday will be over. Too bad, but at the same time I can't wait to do something, learn, sea and do new things! 
Anyways, about this photograph, I made these bracelets myself! Marlou took me to Beadies a cute litte shop in Utrecht and they sell an amazing amount of beads. Looking around there I wanted to make lots and lots of bracelets, the shop gives lovely inspiration. So I sought out the beads I loved and in the train on my way back home I started making them. Now I already have these three, and I really like them. Can't wait to make different ones in other colours and styles! What do you think of these? And are you starting a new study too?


  1. Ze zijn zo leuk! Veel plezier bij je nieuwe opleiding, ben benieuwd hoe het is :))

  2. Oooh wat leuk! Ik vind dat blauwe steentje met goud er omheen echt heel mooi! Liefs! X

  3. Oh they're super cute! I really love them :)