Friday, August 22, 2014

Instagram 007 - shades of purple

Instagram: @ninaheutinck
A new instagram post, school is almost here and I'm nervous yet very excited. I'm going to begin a new study, so a new chapter. The booklist I got told me to buy brushes, paint and different kinds of paper. So I'm very curious of how creative the study will be. But for now the holliday is still here! (a few days only) These are some photographs from lately. 
1. I'm so happy with these new Brandy items. I'm wearing the cardigan right now! 2. Lovely restaurant 'Dwaze Zaken' in Amsterdam. 3. At the volcano in Italy 4. Went to Boy&Bear's concert in the park, they were lovely! 5. Selfie in Brandy 6. Beautifull streets in Amsterdam 7. Me and Paul in Rome. I wish we were there. 8. The most amazing view, this is the vesuvius from Seiano in Italy 9. Ahh I would love a wall like that in my room. What do you think of these? And how is/was your holliday?


  1. Beautiful pictures! The cardigan from Brandy Melville looks so comfy!

  2. Amazing pictures! I've put my eyes on this amazing cardigan! :)

  3. leuke blog heb je!