Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Instagram 010 - Running round in love

Ah my last Instagram post is already a while ago, so there are three extra photographs. Also because they fit the other six. Lately there have been online lovely thingies. 1. Paul and I went for breakfast in this lovely 'living room society' cafe The Fuzz, it's amazing there: a high ceiling with flowers and lots of vintage things. 2. Anna came to see my new room! We had a lovely day in the city. 3. Winter wardrobe on the rail. 4&5. Love these photos of my room. 6. Anna and I had brownies, cheesecake and tea at Daen's in Utrecht, also very vintage and lovely. 7. Aaah the amazing Brother and Bones, his voice is beautiful. 8. Some views of my school project. 9. Monday Paul and I were 5 years together and we had the perfect day! And I have to put this upon here: he got us tickets for Ben Howard! And I'm so happyyy! Can't wait to see him live and listen to the beautiful new songs and ofcourse the old ones. This week is test week so there will be a little studying but it will be okay! What do you think of these photos? And are you so in love with Ben Howard's music as I am?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mineral Admiration

I can not keep my eyes off of these illustrations. For a school assignment we have to do something with illustrators, when I went searching up some, I found these amazing pieces from Karina Eibatova. Looking upon her website/online portfolio there are a lot more illustrations so if you fall for these (just like I did) certainly take a look there for more! 
The way she uses the watercolor paint is amazing, I love the colors she uses and how they are combined. The stones truly shine and they are very dreamy and maybe even seem like magic. She sais her inspiration comes from nature: landscapes, the universe and essential things like these stones. I feel like these colours and this style are close to me. Thereby she makes something very new out of 'existing' stones. Right now I would love to try watercolor too and make things like these! What do you think of her work?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow it's path

Finally I have time to breathe, and blog, again! Last week there were two big deadlines for school. Now autumn-break is here and this post will be fully about my nem room/interior! With al this time I took photographs of my new room in Utrecht. The most important thing to say about it is that I'm so happy and so in love with how my room turned out. As you can see I got the beloved lace curtains, also my rail is al setteled up and I have a new bed. A single one beacause my room is too small for a bigger one. But this bed is just fine and there is room for thingies beneath. Don't you love my lace and the knitted plaid?
There are two big things in the room: the colour white and wood. I'm so happy with the wooden floor and also with the diagonally wood they bring something cosy. And to give all this white some colour I have my clothing rail, two persian carpets, a dark-red cupboard for the turntable, and some little coloured details. I really love how it turned out, the vintage element which I love is also very clear. What do you think of my room? And are you living on your own too?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Outfit - Words mean more at night

Vintage bag & cardigan - Brandy Melville tshirt-dress - H&M floppy hat - Cos chelsea boots - Selfmade bracelets

A new outfit! I put some of my favourite fall colours together in one outfit: knitted burgundy-red, black and some brown leather. This tshirt-dress is so comfy it is like wearing pyjamas and still look nice. It is a bit short though so I wear it with some shorts underneath. The cardigan and bag are vintage and I love the fact that they give a little colour to my outfit. The cardigan is really warm: the wind won't get through, so that is perfect for these colder days! Ah and you can't see the necklace that good, but it is a stone necklace I got from Paul and I love it so much! You can see it better in this post.
I shot the photos with Anna again, so if you're reading Anna: thankss :). It was already getting dark when we were shooting, and there were some staring people that past by, akward! Thereby they are a bit blurry but maybe that is what I love about these photos. I edited them with a rusty layer for a little bigger vintage effect. Especially the photo in the middle is lovelt, where you see me walking alway. I love the atmosphere in that one! What do you think of these photos being not really scharp? And about the outfit?

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Instagram 009 - Vintage autumn atmosphere

Ahh I just love this selection of photographs! As you can see, autumn is really taking over my Instagram page and that didn't even happend on purpose. There are so many lovely thingies about autumn: warm colours, ofcourse tea (in all kind of autumn flavours), jumpers, rain against the (laced) window when you fall asleep, autumn cookies, like that we can go on forever. The only thing less is the rain. I think it is my favourite season, but thereby I say that at every season. 
Here is a little about the photographs. 1. From where I stand, with all the coloured leaves 2. Vintage tea time, I love liquorice tea lately 3. This photo is my favourite, this is (a sneak peek) in my new room! I'm so happy with the lace curtains and the rail, actually with everything 4. Some more room details 5. Ordered new polaroids at Printic again. Love how these look together, I want to put them on a wall or on the door. 6. The last selfie in my old room. My outfit inspiration is so simple or black lately (as you can see). Any tips for not having a simple outfit? And do you love autumn as much as I do? 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Hear the birds on an autumn breeze

Everytime I get stuck or out of inpiration, actually even when I don't, I'll go to pinterest and find sooo many lovely thingies there. It is full of inpiration, look at these pictures. I love those lace curtains! I got lace curtains for my room too. Can't wait to see the sun through the lace, that must be so lovely! The colours of the minerals are amazing and then I would love to visit that blue place with all the birds. Today there is school til 17:30, that is the worst thing, haha. I hope I'll survive it. Afterwards I'll be in my room (this night will be my first there), drinking cinnamon tea and listening to some records. That is something perfect for this windy, rainy autumn day. Hope you have a nice week!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

More room inspiration

Ahh I'm finding (and searching up) soo much inspiration for my new room! And I fall in love with every single photograph. I stumbeld on Diana's blog: Cruel Thing, and her room is exactly (okay almost exactly) how I have in head how my room is going to be. Look at how pretty her clothing rail is, just a hang-up to the wall and clothes sorted on colour. And thereby I fell in love with the little white wall-closet filled with green, I'm searching up a little closet like that one to do the same :) And for the last photo: that table is perfect for a record player. Furthermore, I'm in school a lot, and doing school at home, but saturday I'm going to THE1975! Aahh and I'm so exited. Anyone who is going too?