Thursday, December 17, 2015

LOVELY LOCATIONS // Bairro Alto, Nijmegen

Bairro Alto, this actually should have been the first Lovely Location here on the blog. This place is my favourite in Nijmegen. I've know it for a couple of years now and it still amazes me with every visit. My first thought at Bairro: cheesecake. Their cheesecake is the best one ever (order that one when you're there!!) Talking about pies/pastries/cakes, the salted caramel brownie is amazing too! Those two are my favourites.
It is quit hard to find some words for Bairro Alto, you really just have to experience having lunch/pie/coffee/tea there. Last week I went there again and took some photos (some photos are from last week and some are oldies) while drinking lovely tea: ginger-orange-cinnamon! Willemijn and I sat there a while talking dreaming, eating, enjoying our time there: She had the cheesecake and I ordered a sandwich with salmon, mozzarella di buffalo and herb mayonnaise, really, really good
Bairro Alto is such a lovely place to escape the city when you're in the city (it is just behind the Grote markt) and the perfect place to sit and have a nice talk including lovely drinks and foods! Sitting there is so intimate and cosy, which is really nice. Oh and when it's summer you can order a picknick basket and sit on the other site of the street: in the sun and in the grass. If you want to know some more click on the link just below the last photo to go to Bairro's website. Have you every been to Bairro Alto?

Monday, December 14, 2015

OUTFIT // New Brandy Melville jumper and necklace

Brandy Melville jumper, necklace // Zara skirt // Dr.Martens shoes // Vintage watch
A new outfit! Last week I went to Amsterdam twice. On wednesday: We went to Stedelijk Museum with school. It was my first time there and it was really lovely, we only had an 1 hour tour and after that a half hour to see more for yourself, which was way too short. But that is a chance to go back another time (soon)! Before and after we had some time in Amsterdam. I had to stop by at Brandy Melville. There always are so many lovely items there, I bought the red/purple jumper I'm wearing in this outfit. It is so soft and comfy, and I love the colour which is a little different than all that bordeaux-red. The triangle necklace is also from Brandy. What do you think of these items? 
On saturday I went to amsterdam again: went to Typhoon in the Heineken Music Hall. The concert (or maybe the show) was amazing, I didn't knew that I would love the music that much. Anyone who has been to Typhoon too? 
It was really nice to shoot some outfit photos again. Thanks Willemijn for taking these photos! Lately I have blog dips a lot but they are fading more and more, and I'm happy that I found some content to fill my blog with. Got another "Lovely Locations" coming up too! But for now this outfit, I'm in love with my new jumper and it matches the vintage effect in these photos very well, What do you think of these?

Friday, December 11, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY // You and me, let's be incomplete

Taking some photos in your own room on a sunny morning is always a good idea. This wednesday I had to go to school late in the morning/afternoon and woke up to some pretty lovely sun. Talking about good ideas: taking more photographs is a good idea, taking some more time to work on my blog is a good idea, and taking more "off-time" is a good idea. That is what I need to plan in. It is already december but I still don't have that christmas feeling which I'm loning for. When I'm not at school I am working. Which is great for some extra money, but lately I miss the off-time I used to had. 
But last wednesday morning was like that off time again, I woke op really easy and the sun made my room a great place to shoot some photos. The side of my bed got the most light and the lace curtains created beautiful shadows on the wall. That combined with listening to some vinyl made it more lovely! I listend to James Bay and Ben Howard, which are still my favourites. From James Bay I really love incomplete. I'm actually listening to that one while writing this. That brings another good idea: listen more music. Today I'm working but I'll have this weekend to work on the 'good ideas'. Have a lovely weekend! Do you have any good ideas like these to? 

Monday, November 30, 2015

INSTAGRAM // Can't we do a bit more of the wrong thing, before we do the right thing?

1. Autumn leaves are everywhere, I love the colours so much 2. Another view from Athens 3. Went to Arnhem for a little shopping last friday, Thinks I Like Things I Love has such a beautiful shop 4. Got a new mirror for my room! 5. Ordered some prints a few days ago from Printic 6. Outfit, I'm living in this jumper since I bought it, I hope there will be an outfit post with this one soon! 7. Another (outfit)photo from Athens, you can read all about these here 8. Some room details!
Like I wrote in my last post, I'm so busy with all other things than blogging, and because of that there will be a little less posts online, I'm hoping for about 2 a week. But hey, the Christmas hollidays are almost here! Three weeks from now we/I'll have a break from the weekly routine, which is really hard to get out of now. But so, there are some lovely things upcoming, we just need to hang on a little time. 
Do you also struggle with a weekly routine? Any tips for how to get out of that? Maybe I'll go work out some tips myself. What do you think about these photos?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

OUTFIT/PHOTOGRAPHY // Endless stairs (Old Olympic Stadium)

New Look top // Cheap Monday skinnies // Vintage sunnies // Converse all stars
Lately I have so much inspiration for my blog, but such a lack of time to work on that. School plus work are taking a lot of time. Which isn't a bad thing, but well it is a little for my blog. Because of this my blog is still hanging in Athens, while I'm already busy with lots of other things. Like these outfit photos, they were still there on my computer, but only now I have time to post them and that makes my blog late, or something. 
But right now this post is online, which means the last post of Athens, which means room for new things/outfits/blogposts! So that is maybe what I need to do: start doing. Get out there and take pictures, shoot a new outfit, and what I want most: find/photograph a new Lovely Locations. So that are some plans for the coming days/weeks. I hope to fulfill them and find the time! 
And I can't only write about other things than these photographs. These are my favourites from the ones I took in Athens. The last day we would fly back in the afternoon and our plans were to see the temple of Zeus and shop a little, not knowing that we'd finish that very very fast. We decided to walk to the old Olympic stadium and to get in there. Best decision ever if you'd ask me. Those seats/stairs were amazingly high, they looked almost endless if you stood down. Plus that those stairs are a perfect place to shoot some photographs, the stairs give these such a lovely depth. I love the ones where I'm sitting most, and then mostly the last one in black and white. Ohh this was such a lovely place. Oh and what I'm wearing is a really simple outfit, a nice light striped top, my favourite skinnies and for a change white all stars, and that is, I think, all about that. 
What do you think of these photographs? And do you recognice my 'little problem' with blogging? I hope to come with something brand new soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TRAVEL // Athens, Greece (part 2)

So.. here is part two of my trip to Athens. It already feels sooo long ago, The second semester of school has started again and with that the weekly structure is back..  not sure whether I like the structure; doing the same thing every day/week. But this post about my last travel helps breaking the structure, a little then at least, in it's own way. It's like a dream back in time.
These are the last photographs (sorted out) of our three days in Greece plus some of the first day I forgot about for the last post. Pff, I don't know that well what else to say about the city, or about these photographs.. I just like to make them match and put them together, to make this post a pretty diary to remember the trip to Athens, and to love it for now. 
Well a little bit (in short) about these photographs. 1. All the streets were so lovely, the architecture in other countries always seems so much prettier 2. First dinner with great pita and wine + the first oh so lovely little wallet I bought that print is the best 3. The Temple of Olympian Zeus, which was immensely big and high 4. Pretty views and more of those columns 5. More lovely architecture, Athens has the most amazing balcony's 6. The last day we went to the Olympic Stadium, another immensly big architecture. Those endlessly high marble stairs were such a beautiful thing to see, it was such a good place to make some photographs! These two are only a few of the ones taken there. Soon there will be another (outfit) post of when in the Olympic Stadium. I'm so happy we went to see this place. 
How about these photos from Athens? Have you traveled recently?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

OUTFIT // Athens, Greece

Zara blouse // Cheap Monday jeans // Dr. Martens shoes // Tiltil shopper // Vintage sunnies
A new outfit, one from Athens, Greece, from the very first day. I brought a lot of skirts with me, but for exploaring the city, my jeans were the most comfortable so that's what I wore most often. This first day there I wore one of my favourite summer blouses (from Zara). The print on it is so lovely,  I love the boho, foreign, vintage, flower (however you want to call it) print on it. And it was a perfect item for when it is a little warmer, the size and fabric is so light and soft that the wind loves playing with it. Then there under my favourite pair of shoes and a shopper for my thingies. So quit a simple outfit, but therefore the blouse points out well. What do you think of this outfit?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

TRAVEL // Athens, Greece, amazing views, lovely architecture and the acropolis (part 1)

Finally here it is, my first blog post about Athens (yay for a new TRAVEL post!). There were so many photos made and sorting them out was quit a big job. But here is the first selection. Writing this post makes me dreaming about when we were still there. As you may or may not know: Paul gave me a suprise city trip that led us to the capital city of Greece. I really had no clue that this was going to be our stay for the coming three days, or actually every thought about Athens. I know the city, mostly, from Sisi, part 3. Anyone who shares my love for the old Sisi pictures?
But I'm glad I got to know Athens more. These photographs are from our first day there and that explains the many photos of the acropolis. After a climb of 156 meters we reached the acropolis, which means in Greek: the highest point of the city. The location is very steep and that makes the most amazing view, that is what catches your eye first when you reach the top. The acropolis is actually a big rock where the old Greeks build their amazing architecture on, and because of that rock you can walk it round and see the view over the entire city everywhere. Just like you can see the acropolis from on the city (almost) everywhere. Then after we realised the pretty view we walked further to the Parthenon and the other Greek buildings. Those were all so impressive, they are still so well maintained, you can easily dream a little about how life was way back then. 
The rest of the day we wandered around the city, explored the streets, had some really good pita's and enjoyed the sun and just had a good time. I really love this first selection, the colours of Athens are so lovely. There will definitely be an Athens part 2, and maybe a part 3, oh and some outfit photos from there, so stay tuned for those. 
For now: What do you think of these new travel photographs? Have you every been to Athens?

Thursday, November 05, 2015

OUTFIT // Into the woods

Cheap Monday jeans - Brandy Melville jumper - Zara coat - Dr.Martens shoes
A few weeks ago I went to the woods with my parents and we also shot some outfit photos there. Mostly I don't really thing outfit photos around much green is a good option but I love how these turned out. And ofcourse the leaves were already turning their colours. I hope to go back soon to see how red & brown the leaves are now. 
The outfit itself is quit simple, blue jeans white shirt: the american uniform. And ofcourse some black items. This jeans is the same one I have in black: a Spray On from Cheap Monday and their fit is the most amazing, I can't say that too much. It fits my legs perfectly! The fine white jumper is from Brandy Melville (borrowed from my sis), another lovely outfit. The black coat is one I have for over 2 years now but it still is good, and goes with every outfit, plus it's warm and that is an important point too.
Right now it is the last day of my holliday, and while typing this (because this one is scheduled) I don't know yet where I will go. But go to my Instagram to check out where I am :) What do you think of this outfit post in the woods?

Monday, November 02, 2015

ANALOG SET 003 - Travel essentials

A sort of new category on the blog, while looking for some inspiration for other posts I looked at really old blogpost I wrote and found the category: Analog set. Creating a set but then in real laying on your floor. Right now I'm on my way to the air port, I'm flying out of holland in a bit and it is a suprise for me where we (Paul and I) are going. I'm really exited and I can't wait to see another place, nature and culture, anything else then home right now: wanderlust is on strong. So I won't be blogging much this week but I have one outfit post planned and you'll (hopefully) see lots of Instagram photos: @ninaheutinck 
Oh and ofcourse a little bit about this analog set, some travel essentials. A small bag and some sunnies, my analog camera. I hope that those will turn out well! That is always a suprise with analog photography. Oh and I hope to wear my new bikini! A little dreaming back to summer :) I got this lovely one from Triangl, love the crochet details so much, and they are actually very comfortable! So, hopefully I can try them on in the water. The weather will be around 20 degrees so maybe yes or maybe no, we'll see. Just like the choice between my Birkenstocks or my Dr.Martens. What do you think of this analog set?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

INSTAGRAM // Nowhere to go but everywhere

A little Instagram update! Right now I'm in the middle of my exams to finish this first semester. Tomorrow I'll have my last exam and monday morning my final presentation. I'm doing everything I can to escape the studying, hihi. Like writing this blog post, but after this one I'm going to the libary. Ohh and after monday morning I'll be flying out of Holland! Paul planned a few days abroad for the two of us. For me it is a suprise where we are going, but I know that the flight is about 2 hours and the temprature is around 17-20 degrees. I love the fact that I don't know where we're going!
1. Wandering in the woods, it is so nice to visit the woods these autumn days 2. From where I stand, found this amazing floor in Nijmegen 3. Another photo of the pretty Nijmegen 4. Janne and I shot outfit photographs again, you can see this outfit in my previous post! 5. This elderflower drink at Bairro Alto was soo delicious! 6. Me and paul, last tuesday we had our anniversary 7. Came home to this triangl bikini yesterday! I'm in love and hopefully I'm able to wear it on the trip with Paul! 8. Another photo from the woods 9. Still in love with the photos of this outfit, the jumper is so comfy and matched the location so good! 
What do you think of these photos? And ahh almost weekend, have a lovely one! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

OUTFIT // The perfect printed A-line skirt

Pull&Bear A-line skirt // Brandy Melville grey jumper // Dr.Martens shoes // Unknown watch
Photographs: Janne
There is the first outfit with one of my new Pull&Bear items: I'm wearing a new A-line skirt. This printed one is just so gorgeous, I really love the 70's style print it has. A few days ago I watched the movie 'Clueless' (again) and this skirt would be easily something Cher would wear. I love the fact that those 70's prints and styles are coming back: I'm so in love with A-line skirts lately. I don't know if that is because they're "in fashion", or the fact that I see them everywhere but I don't really care that much. If you start thinking too much about fashion or what you are wearing it gets really complicated. Just just got to wear it if you love it. And that is what I did with this pretty skirt. 
I combined it with one of my favourite Brandy Melville jumpers and my all time favourite Dr.Martens. Black shoes are the best for every outfit. Oh and I love this location too! It is in the village I live (when I'm not in my room in Utrecht) and those stairs with the white rail are just lovely. 
What do you think of this outfit? Are you as much in love with this skirt as I am?