Saturday, January 31, 2015

Outfit - Dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again

Oasap jumper - Asos Shorts - Gifted necklace

A brand new outfit! Yesterday Anna and I went to Arnhem, we had an amazing lunch, did a little shopping and quickly shot these photographs, I was actually tooo cold but I wanted to show this new jumper in combination with these shorts. I love this little place where the photos were taken. All the lace gives an extra vintage effect on them! The jumper is new and comes from Oasap. Wearing a turtle neck is quit a change and it took me some time to get used to it. But right now it is so comfy and warm. Also I'm a bit late with the trend, not that I follow those; I just loved this jumper because of the deep colour and the fact that is is so big and warm. The turtle neck is just an extra. The quote on top is from Lana Del Rey, I love it. She always uses so many beautiful words who show you feelings. And this sentence is just lovely. Today I'm working again and after that it is really weekend. Have a lovely one! What do you think of this outfit?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

From beast to beauty 006 - Won't you let us wander

Today was the best day: a whole sunday without having to study. The last week there was so much school work, and right now I'm so happy all of that is passed. That is also the reason it was so quiet upon my blog. Today I slept late and woke up with some 'to do/sew' inspiration, I had a great date with the sewing machine all day long. 
A few months ago I bought this (very, very, very,) big jumpsuit at Primark. It was discounted from 17 to 3 euros! It was size 44 (eu) so it was way to big for me. But I fell in love with the gypsy kind of print and took it home. Today I turned that big one-piece in two different new items. A crop top and shorts! And as you can see there are already three outfits with my new clothes. Which one do you like best? 
I'm so happy with these new items I made. I was in need of some new clothes but I'm saving up for the summer hollidays so I try not to buy anything (which is sooo hard! haha). I love the print, like a said, it looks a little like a gypsy print, or something dreamy. Anyways some colour, and another print than flowers  is exactly what my closet needed. What do you think of this From beast to beauty?

Friday, January 16, 2015


Everytime after the winter hollidays, winter isn't over, school is there again and it is a long way to go to spring. And I love winter, I love snow, but right now I long for the sun. Marlou and I are thinking about a summer trip together and I want that trip to be here already. I want to wander. Stolling around beautiful streets. Eat ice-cream. Shop. Meet the ocean again. Have fun. Yes, that is where my mind is right now. And I know that my mind shoudn't be there, yet still I can't help it. I just long so much to going abroad. These are some photographs from Pinterest. Looking at these this wanderlust of mine is stilled a little, but at the same time encouraged. Do you have any tips for a short trip in Europe? Or tips to still my wanderlust?

Friday, January 09, 2015

Outfit - Sirens and smoke remind us, maybe the world won't find us

Double Agent jumper - Cheap Monday pants - Zara coat - Maison Scotch necklace - Primark headband - Dr. Martens shoes
Thank god it's friday! Maybe I'm still wishing a little I was still here where these photographs were taken. This was the second day in Antwerp and it was such a lovely day. After walking through the tunnel (underneath the river) we came here and discovered the beautiful view. Paul took these outfit photos of me and I love how they turned out. Not such a colourful outfit but I love it anyways. I'm wearing my new Cheap Monday pants and they fit me perfectly, very skinny but at the same time I'm still able to breathe in it. And thereby it is tight around my ankles and that is something that doesn't happen much. So: This is the perfect black pants. Then the headband (or however you can call it) is another new favourite, it looks so soft and wintery and keeps my ears nicely warm! And the Double Agent jumper is just the best. What do you think of this outfit? PS: listen to all of James Bay because his voice and lyrics are so beautiful! If you already know him, what is your favourite song?

Monday, January 05, 2015

Instagram 012 - Climb out, out to where you see

Instagram posts are ones that I love to make. Just like taking care of my Instagram account. I love to edit, mix and match my photographs so that they look lovely together. These are five new photos and one old one! And these are so pretty together. 1. Ben Howard, there are actually no words for this. His voice and music is so nice for my ears and this concert was amazing! 2. I'm still sooo in love with this photograph of Paul and me (and with him, haha) we had a great time in Antwerp 3. Lovely architecture from Antwerp 4. From where we stand, loved this floor 5. Lovely architecture from Antwerp 2.0 6. New years eve selfie with my sisss. 
Today is monday and all the stress begins again: the hollidays are over, school begins and it is a long way to go to spring. Can't wait until my exams of the next two weeks are over! I hope I will pass for everything right away without retakes. That means I have a lot of stuDYING to do, haha! Are you so busy too right after your hollidays?

Friday, January 02, 2015

Travel - I need the sun to break, you've woken up my heart

Whiehh happy new year everyone! (or whoever is reading this, hihi). Finally I have some time for my blog again and that makes me happy. Not that I was not: the last days were great, Christmas was lovely with the family and new years eve was so much fun with my friends. In between Paul and I sneaked out and went to Antwerp for three days. And those were flawless! We wandered around the streets, did some shopping, ate delicious waffles and dinners and just enjoyed the city and each other. 
These are the prettiest pictures I made. In Antwerp there is a tunnel that goes under the river. To reach the tunnel you have to take the wooden escalators. Those were amazing! Walking though the tunnel we realised our outfits were pretty much the same haha! A black woolen coat, Dr. Martens and we both had our new black pants on. (I have a new one of Cheap Monday and it's fit is perfect) So there is an outfit photo of each of us. What do you think? When we arrived at the other side we saw the amazing view of the first photo! There we took some more outfit photographs, I will show those later.
Then after some endless wandering arround actually nothing (but beautiful old architecture) we found the loveliest little cafe called: Mademoiselle Moustache! I had some mocha coffee with chocolate which was lovely! And the interior there is lovely too, little vintage tables and chairs, and endless cutouts on the walls. Just look at these last pictures, you should really visit it if you ever go to Antwerp! Actually you just should visit Antwerp because it is the perfect city! Have you ever been there? And what do you think of these photographs?