Thursday, February 26, 2015

Heliophillia (n.) desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight

1. Thailand two years ago 2. Vesuvius view in Italy 3. Mixing bikini's 4. Happy moments in Rome
This title (or noun) is actually all there is to say, or all that I want. I need the sun again, (need the sun to break). There is a big spring fever which is here way too early. I'm non stop going through old summer photographs and they give me so much wanderlust. I can't wait to see the sun and go abroad. I need palm trees, beautiful oceans and views. And I need my bikini to be my all time outfit. I want to create new summer photographs, new views, bikini's, shorts and oceans, ah and I'm craving for ice-cream. Happily in about a week my boss (I work at a chocolate/ice-cream boutique) will start making ice-cream again! So that is a start :) Do you long for the sun so much toooo? 

Monday, February 23, 2015


It has been such a long time since my last blog post, I wasn't that busy but there was just nothing that I wanted to put upon here and there was not much inspiration. So therefore I took a little break. But I found these photographs. Besides that I'm craving for spring and summer. There is this weary and tired feeling that is always arround and I need to get some (no a lot actually) energy and warmth from the sun.
Anyways, look at these ballet photos I took around Christmas. Every time around Christmas we have a special ballet class, this time we practiced "The blue bird" from Sleeping Beauty. I forgot about these photographs but I'm so happy that I found them again. Because of the dark, the shutter automatically became longer. Because of us dancing this double effect came upon the photographs. I especially love the second photo where we were doing pirouettes. You can really see motion in that one. Only the first photo didn't got that double exposure but I love that one too! They seem so much like analog photographs which is something so lovely. What do you think about these photographs?

Monday, February 09, 2015

Vintage treasures

There is this amazing second-hand shop just around the corner of my street. And I visit that place so much, while typing this I want to stop by again for a while. The shop is filled with second-hand furniture, books, accessories, home thingies and actually anything. And when you look carefully you can find the most amazing vintage treasures. These are three items that I bought the last two weeks, a lovely little plate (where all my chocolate lies on right now), a beautiful old atlas and a very boho pillow. The pillow is so lovely, it makes my bed a little less white and matches my carpets. I think I'll bring the shop a visit again this week. Right now I'm just having some tea at my room, blogging, and listening to Haim. I also can't wait for the festival season to arrive. I might go to Pinkpop again this year, but the line up isn't that great yet. But there are still many ones that haven't been confirmed yet, so anything can happen. Anyways for now that season isn't here yet, so I'll keep it to dreaming. Do you love second hand shops and festivals as much as I do?

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Instagram 013 - If I had a boat, I would sail to you

Ah I just love Instagram post, even though they are not that original. But I just love to mix the photos together. This week my third semester started, so I'm back in school again. And this semester I'm trying to keep up with everything, read everything, and just be a goood student. I'm so curious how long this motivation will last, haha. But for now it is here so that is a good thing. Thereby: friday is our day off so this afternoon my weekend starts! These are some Instagram photos from lately. 1.This week I went back to my home in Utrecht 2. An old photo of so many birds flying in the sky, it was so amazing! 3. Reunited with Marlou last week and we had a lovely time. She took her polaroid and we took this photo. 4. Antwerpen with Paul, still dreaming about that little trip. 5. Outfit from last week, this Oasap jumper is so fine! 6. Clipper lemon&ginger is the best tea! 7. Made this top and some shorts, you can see that post here. 8. A very old outfit photo. 9. The streets in Utrecht are so beautiful. Do you love Utrecht too? What do you think of these photos? Instagram: @ninaheutinck