Sunday, March 29, 2015

Street style wishlist - Printed two-pieces

printed two-pieces

All I think about (besides school lately) is summer, and the mainly summer clothing because that is just a perfect thing. This dreaming helps a little with studying, it is such a busy time and I really hope I'll get it all done. At Stylemoi I found these beautiful two-pieces they are amazing and since I saw them I can't wait to get a two-piece for myself. Wearing one of these would be the perfect street style for this upcoming summer. The five pieces you see above were my favourites. I am a fool for printed items and sunflowers are always okay! 
If I had to choose one of these two-pieces, welll.. I can't decide, hihi. It would be the green one on the firts photograph, or the blue one with sunflowers. I love the first photo where the green print is combined with a white leather backpack. And the outfit set above would be such a lovely outfit to wear, to any occasion, to wear to a festival or to shoot some street style outfit photographs. I hope we will see these two-pieces more in stores soon! What do you think of them?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

NEW IN - lace and lovely prints

This week I've been wanting to shop soo much, but sadly my wallet didn't allowed me. But I had a little bit to spend. I went to the city and walked in Bershka for a change, I never come around there but that is something that I should do a lot more! Right now they have the most amazing prints. I bought the red flower blouse there. Then friday night an Oasap package arrived, receiving a package at home is the best feeling, haha! There are three new Oasap items: I got the lovely camel coloured floppy hat. This hat is so lovely, something different from the black one I have. I like the floppy way it is falling. Then there is this new kimono, the fabric is so fine! soft and light. And I like the print of it. I have to get used to those colours though, but this one will be perfect to wear to a festival! Just like the lace blouse. That little lace is so lovely and this is a perfect item to wear in summer because of the off-shoulders. What do you think of these new items?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

R A I L - will you be there, under the same, under the same sun

WAUW, I looked at my bloglovin analytics and oooh my, 503 followers. And then I don't know what to say about that. I don't really keep up with all the numbers and stuff, but this is something really nice(and quit big)! So THANK YOU everyone who reads and follows. I am working on a lovely little give-away for you but the shipping to my home takes reallyy long. But I'm working on all of that so stay tuned! 
This is the very first 'rail' post in my room in Utrecht. Last week I redecorated my rail with summer items. I love prints lately, they give something extra to all this lovely sunny weather which I love. And on the side: some all time black and white favourites. This is on it: 1. long black dress 2. black lace kimono 3. Brandy bralette 4. Fine knitted jumper 5. My new festival-feeling top, I'm so in love with that print 6. Sunflower dress 7. Blue printed kimono 8. Selfmade paisly top 9. Flower crop top 10. Wide pastel vintage trousers 11. Brandy cardigan 12. Vintage blouse 13. crop tee 14. Forever21 singlet 15. Lace blouse numer two. So that is what's on it right now. Re-hanging  my rail always gives a little change to my room too! And right now that was a summery change! What do you think of these items?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Summer inspiration/wishlist - today I want to be where the mountains meet the sea

O yes, look at all these beauty's. This sunday I am dreaming away to the summer holliday and thought: I want a brand new, beautifully printed, bikini. Maybe I'm a bit early but that's me. Then I stumbled on Free People's webshop and found these. More and more I love the high waisted bikini bottoms, they look so vintage and fashionable at the same time. The only bad thing about them is the fact that the sun won't tan your belly while wearing these. But therefore you can alternate. Maybe these Free People ones are a bit too expensive for me but dreaming can do me no harm. And thereby when you are on holliday a bikini is hopefully all you're going to wear, and in that case a bit more expensive bikini is allowed. Anyways I would pick number 1 or number three out of these six! Or the second one, or the last one.. ahh I can't choose. Can you? 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Outfit - Bound to be free

H&M top - Brandy Melville cardigan - Cheap Monday skinnies - Dr. Martens shoes - Vintage sunglasses

Finalllyy a new outfit post! I've been wanting to shoot some photos for a long time now and yesterday I had the time. It was such a lovely sunday, Paul and I woke up together, I did some school work and later I went to Nijmegen with Willemijn, to shoot some photographs and for ice-cream. Willemijn and I always have a good time, if you're reading willy: You're the best! And finally the weather has improved, the sun is here and it is warm, and if all is right it's gonna stay like that.
This top is new and it makes me want to go to festivals! That's right, a top with a feeling. Other feelings that come along are things like wanderlust and thinking of gypsy's! It also gives something boho-like. The print is lovely too, it has something Dutch but at the same time something completely foreign. What do you think of this top and these photographs?

Friday, March 06, 2015

Instagram 014 - SUN & ICE-CREAM

New Instagram post! While writing this I'm so sad, I almost got tickets for James Bay but then there was an error and the second after thad the concert was sold out. I'm hoping for a second show so much, but I doubt if that will happen. So that is a little less, but there are many good things too and this is not the end of the world (or maybe it is). 
1. Well, the good things are: ICE-CREAM. You see those really good looking ice-creams above? Willemijn and I had those yesterday and they were amazing, the best, ever. Since I'm such an ice lover (read: addict) I made a plan to make a picture of EVERY ice-cream that I'll eat this summer! There already are 4 photos. 2. The second good thing is the sun! 3. I wore blue jeans, since ever and they actually aren't so bad 4. Beautiful crystals at a museum 5. Playing Ben Howard 6. Throwback to Thailand with my sis 7. The loveliest guy 8. Streets of tilburg! 
So that is it for now. I like this other way of posting the Instagram photos, this way you can see them better then 3 in a row. I hope I can make outfit photographs again sooon, there are some nice outfits in my mind but no time to shoot, maybe this weekend! What do you think of these photographs?