Friday, March 06, 2015

Instagram 014 - SUN & ICE-CREAM

New Instagram post! While writing this I'm so sad, I almost got tickets for James Bay but then there was an error and the second after thad the concert was sold out. I'm hoping for a second show so much, but I doubt if that will happen. So that is a little less, but there are many good things too and this is not the end of the world (or maybe it is). 
1. Well, the good things are: ICE-CREAM. You see those really good looking ice-creams above? Willemijn and I had those yesterday and they were amazing, the best, ever. Since I'm such an ice lover (read: addict) I made a plan to make a picture of EVERY ice-cream that I'll eat this summer! There already are 4 photos. 2. The second good thing is the sun! 3. I wore blue jeans, since ever and they actually aren't so bad 4. Beautiful crystals at a museum 5. Playing Ben Howard 6. Throwback to Thailand with my sis 7. The loveliest guy 8. Streets of tilburg! 
So that is it for now. I like this other way of posting the Instagram photos, this way you can see them better then 3 in a row. I hope I can make outfit photographs again sooon, there are some nice outfits in my mind but no time to shoot, maybe this weekend! What do you think of these photographs?


  1. Ahh wat jammer zeg dat je die kaartjes net niet hebt kunnen krijgen! :((
    Heel leuke foto's en die ijsjes zien er zooo lekker uit<3
    X Emma

  2. Mooie foto's. Het begint weer echt ijsjes weer te worden, he?

  3. Aww, such lovely photos! Gorgeous shots, really. What do you use for editing? :)


  4. Ooh, jammer van de tickets, ik snap dat je ervan baalt! :( Wel heel leuke foto's, het ijsje ziet er goddelijk uit! Yummm.

  5. Nice pics!
    Have a nice weekend dear,

  6. such beautiful photos! craving ice cream so bad right now gal hahah x