Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello holliday haul - I was the moon chasing the sun

Aahh last Monday I handed in my VERY LAST exam! And it feeeels so good. The holliday is here. Yessss. I still have to get back some grades but if I'll pass all of them School is over for this time. After handing my paper in I did something I missed: Shopping. And then not to get one single thing, no I made sure I got home with at least three shopping bags. 
That turned out well. Look at that amazing printed top. It looks much like a Brandy Melville item, but it is one from Forever21. Also got a bordeaux red top, a lovely lace blouse and a fine cardigan (since I only had one). For my birthday I got a giftvoucher from Douglas and traded that one for a new O.P.I. and some bracelets. Oeh and at Topshop I found some toe rings, can't wait to wear those combined with my birkenstocks! 
Anyways, it was so goood to do some big shopping again. Everything feels good because there is no more school and the summer holliday is here. With that more inspiration and time comes along for my blog. Can't wait to post more than only once a week or so. Is there anything you'd like to see upon here? And what do you think of my new items?


  1. Wat een toffe aankopen zeg! Die eerste top is zo mooi<3
    X Emma

  2. Dat tweede outfitje vind ik erg mooi!

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