Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From beasty to beauty 008 - Vintage flower buttoned two piece

A new 'from beast to beauty' post again! I had this one ready for a while now but today I finally had time to shoot the after photographs. Though the before was not that much a beast, that long dress was amazing too, I'm happy with what is made out of it. I just wasn't wearing that long dress and it was only haning on my rail, looking pretty. So (as I loved the fabric and print again) I made a two piece set out of the dress. I love how they look together but they can also be worn separate. 
Aaah thereby today is the day that I heard that I got my propedeuse, I completed the first year of my study. I'm soo happy that I passed for everything! So now I can (extra) enjoy the hollidays. The weather is getting better these days and that's perfect for the little camping trip I'm going on tomorrow! Do you have plans for these summer days? And what do you think of this two piece transformation? 

Monday, July 06, 2015

OUTFIT - Bohemian blouse in Amsterdam

Zara blouse - StyleMoi shorts - H&M hat - Birkenstock sandals

Again an outfitpost, but I couldn't wait longer until posting this one. I've been so busy doing nothing that other posts had to wait a little longer, but it's a new monday (new chances). Monday last week I met up with Laura in Amsterdam. We decided to stroll around the city a litte, and we did some shopping too. I bought such a lovely two piece set, which I'll maybe show you later. I'm shopping so much lately maybe I need to slow down haha (also got a beautiful new wine-red bikini). Anyways we also ate some really good frozen yoghurt while sitting with our feet down the canal because of the lovely summer weather. We had a great time! 
Afterwards, after a while of walking around, we found this perfect place to shoot some outfit photos. Those lovely white roses were the finishing touch for this typical "Amsterdam window." Oh another prove of that I'm shopping tooo much: this is a new blouse from Zara (thank you SALE!). Again a piece with an amazing blue bohemian print, which I'm in love with. Thereby: this is the first outfit post wearing my Birkenstocks, they are perfect for any occasion, and outfit. What do you think of this outfit? And thanks Laura for the lovely day and these photographs!