Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OUTFIT // Dungaree, Pinafore Dress

Berskha dungaree dress - Double Agent jumper - Bag to the Future bag - Dr.Martens shoes
Photographs by Janne( Radiate Fashion)
I'm wearing this dress so much lately, it is actually all I wear whenever I'm not wearing some skinnies combined with a jumper. This dress is perfect. I really wish for another one in black or an autumn colour. I'm a lot out of outfit inspiration lately (I hope to do some shopping soon, got some things in mind I would love to have). That's not the case with this dress, but this can't be all I wear all week. Anyways there had to be another outfit post with this one. The other post with this dress was from Italy, this one is a bit more autumn proof. I love that autumn is arriving, I can't wait for the trees to colour their leaves. 
I combined the pinafore dress with this fine jumper from Double Agent which is soo soft! Then with some tights, my Dr.Martens and a vintage bag to match the black from below. I'm so happy with how the photographs turned out, thanks Janne for taking them! Last week and last monday we had a stroll around Nijmegen again and shot these photos. It is so nice to exploar the city a bit more every week, I hope to discover some more places in Nijmegen which I don't know yet.  Do you like this outfit?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

INTERIOR // Home is the nicest word

Home is the nicest word, I like that quote. But what home really is, is not per se a room with a roof. Sometimes home is more a person. But this time home is my student room and I feel like my room in Utrecht is feeling like home more and more. Well I have that every time I change my room. That is what I did a few weeks ago again:  changed my room. I don't know what it is but every once in a while I have to change it. This time it was a bit bigger change because I put my bed at another spot: on the other side of the room. I love how my room looks right now, from on my bed you have a perfect view of the rest of the room. Not that it is that big with my 10 square meter. But this place for my bed is really lovely! And  I have these new purple pillows and they match my carpet perfectly. I love the white and purple-ish colours together. Can you see the change? And what do you think about my room?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

LOVELY LOCATIONS // Met Passie, Nijmegen

Ganzenheuvel 73, Nijmegen
LOVELY LOCATIONS, (I think) a new category on my blog. (I hope) because i love this post and this idea. Which idea? Searching and saving lovely hotspots. I would love to visit more places like this one. A big plus is that you can try the pastries everytime :) Last monday I went into Nijmegen again (free mondays are the best) with Janne. We walked to some places of the city where we normally wouldn't go straight away and we visited Met Passie. A lovely little cafe just a minute walk out of the, sometimes, busy center. 
First of all it has the most amazing floor you've ever seen, dated in 1897 and the tiles are hand painted. And then the chairs match the floor perfectly. You can go to Met Passie for coffee, tea or some cold drinks. And that with (highly recommend) very good cakes, pies and other pastries.  The cafe also has a "wine-basement" and plans for a high tea room upstairs and expansion to add a luch menu. Those are in progress right now but I'd love to go back there when those two are finished! 
Janne and I had some delicious apple pie and a Naturfrisk drink, I had the one with elderflower which was sooo good! I didn't knew what elderflower was, that's why I picked the taste. It was the really good, you should try it! As you can see we took some photos there. I didn't bring my camera so only number 2&3 from the three-in-a-row were taken by me. Janne took the other ones and the cafe looks even nicer through her camera! So that was my first 'hotspot' sort of post, I hope you liked it, let me know! Have you ever been to Met Passie?

Monday, September 21, 2015

OUTFIT // Hopeless wanderer

Cheap Monday skinnies - Bershka blouse - Brandy Melville cardigan - Pull&Bear ankle heels
A new week and a new outfit, and this is the very first one again without (sadly) bare legs. I miss those bare legs, a lot. But at the same time I'm longing for cold winter winds and very big jumpers, well maybe that should wait a little, haha. Anyways this outfit is a step up to that. Last week I went to Nijmegen with Janne (Radiate Fashion) and we shot some outfit photos in this lovely side street. Monday is always my day off and I just love taking a stroll around the city and just wander around a little. A lot of people I know are having a gap year and they made me miss my gap year so much! I miss endlessly wandering around the city and just exploar it, when your on your own that is such a nice thing to do. So if you have a gap year: go wander around the city on your own! Anyways school is good too, and with two days off I still have time for other things. 
Oh and maybe a little about this outfit. I got myself some new spray-on's from Cheap Monday and they are so good with my new heels! And above to make it a little less simple I'm wearing a vintage flowered blouse and my new (soo soft) Brandy Melville cardigan! I love how the cardigan goes with the flowered blouse because the colours in it. What do you think of this outfit? Do you like wandering so much too?

Friday, September 18, 2015

INSTAGRAM // I just want to hold your hand and wander the streets with you

Finally it is almost weekend again! Just a few hours to go. I longed for the weekend since monday, haha. Last two weekends were so busy and full planned that I didn't really relaxed that much. But now only work is planned for saturday and that is not a bad thing: making some chocolate, macarons and selling (and eating) them! Oh and plus some ice-cream. If you're ever in Nijmegen you should certainly visit Chocola Belga! So... these are some Instagram photos from lately.
1,6&7: I love the architecture in Italy, really in love. the first photo is from Padova and the other two from venice. 2. Shot some outfit photos with Janne last monday, that one will be online soon! 3. Me and Paul, it was his Birthday last monday too, I still love this day with him in Antwerp and I hope we'll go on a trip again sooon! 4&9. Changed my room again! Would you like an interior post? 5. Soo happy with these new shoes, these ankle heels are perfect! 8. Taking photographs in Padova. Wearing this perfect dungarees-dress! Have you got any plans for this weekend? Have a lovely one!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OUTFIT // Even in the dark I saw you were the only one alone

H&M blouse - Double Agent shorts - Birkenstock sandals - Vintage sunnies 
Sometimes less is more, just like the photos in this post, just two good photographs (instead of 3/4 or more like usual) of an outfit I was wearing while visiting Arezzo (Italy). In Italy there are endless places who are perfect for shooting outfit photographs. Almost everything will do if you're searching for the right place there. I wish the architecture here in the Netherlands was more like that south ice cream and pasta country, as well as the weather there, it has been raining so much lately, bare leggs is out of the question right now. Not that I mind that much I'm looking forward to big warm jumpers en maybe picking out a new winter coat :).  
For now the last outfit from Italy in Arezzo. That city was surprisingly nice we had a lovely stroll around and inbetween Paul took these photos of me. I was wearing printed shorts from Double Agent, their clothes are so amazing, I visited the store in Rome last summer and got these shorst there. I love the combination of the green and white in these shorts. The top is borrowed from my sis, I love this one, the crochet neck gives the blouse such a nice twist. Then I added my Birkenstocks and also black vintage sunnies. I think in summer your outfits should just consist of what is light and comfortable without to much thinking about them, that is what I do at least. Do you like this outfit?

Monday, September 14, 2015

NEW - Perfect black ankle heels

When I got back from my holliday I was thinking about purchasing a pair of black heels. Since it has been so long (more then a year or two, three I think) that I've bought a pair with heels, it was time for some new shoes. My roommate gave me this tip about black ankle heels from Pull&Bear and since I saw them it took me a day to get them in, haha. 
The length of the heel is perfect (8,5cm) not too high but not too low as well so that they still look high. And then the black goes with everything. I'm in love. And wore them only two times. So that is why these new shoes deserve a blog post. I hope to put an outfit with these online soon! What do you think of these new heels?

Friday, September 11, 2015

TRAVEL - My mind is still wandering around in Venice

Ahh it is just so lovely to go through your holliday photographs, I promise this will be the last one for now. This was Venice, the most of my photographs were taken there. I think I loved Venice the most of all the Italian cities I visited.  That because only visiting this city is amazing enough you don't have to do anything there just wandering around the beautiful old streets is already enough. I think that is what Venice is also about, about getting lost in all those lanes and streets, walking right next to the water and crossing those lovely bridges. I wish I will be back (soon) again in Venice. Have you ever been there?
(3th photo taken by Janne)

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

WIN - €30 Hoesjes Outlet shopping money

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
A new give-away on my blog! Together with Hoesjes Outlet I'm hosting a give-away, you can win €30 to spend on their webshop! They have many amazing cases in their collection, there are cases for the Iphone5 & 5c, Iphone6, & 6Plus and the Galaxy 4, 5, and 6! I still have an Iphone4 (yess I'm a bit behind haha) otherwise there were some cases I would love to put on my phone, like these four above. I love the brown leather one where you can also keep your cards in. Which one of these do you like most? There are many more cases on the webshop. I'm happy to give the chance for a brand new case to you! 

All you need to do to enter is: 
- Leave a comment saying you're entering with your email!
For some more chance you can: 
- Follow me on bloglovin'
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So, good luck! I'll announce the winner in two weeks (that will be 23 September).

Monday, September 07, 2015

INSTAGRAM - Brightest sunrise ever to touched my eyes

So right here some Instagram photos from when I was in Italy, I have so much to write and show about my trip so that's why my blog is filled up with Italy, I hope you don't mind! I certainly don't, altough school has begun it is so lovely to still wander through your holliday photograhs and re-live them when you think about all that happend. It makes we want to travel again more and more. There are a few travel and one more outfit post from Italy coming up. These are some photographs that (most of them) didn't came or are coming along in a travel post. 
1. A beautiful little square in Padova, it was such a lovely place I shooted some outfit photos here too! 2. In our agriturismo 3. Some Bologna essentials, ice cream, Brandy, my camera and birkies 4. Lovely Venice 5. Janne and I shot some photos at the pool 6. Verona is lovely too 7. From where I stand, again wearing my Birkenstocks 8. The ceiling at the square in Padova 9. An outfit photo from Bologna.  You can follow me on Instagram here: @ninaheutinck
For now it's monday again, my day off and my week begins again tomorrow. There already are some things to do for the study I hope I can startup good! Have you survived your first week? And do you like these photographs?

Friday, September 04, 2015

OUTFIT - Photographing Padova

Berskha dress - Birkenstocks sandals - Things I Like Things I Love tote bag - H&M floppy hat
Another outfit from Italy, I was so exited to show these outfit+photos series. Janne took these photos of me and I love the way they turned out to be, as I didn't really knew these would be so usefull, so thanks Janne :). The other two photos are what I saw through my camera. So, this was in Padova an Italian city near Venice. I didn't took that many photos there but still a few in this little square. These two came out best. In a side street of all the shops there was this beautiful old place with amazing blue details on the ceiling, I wish my home had a ceiling like that. The ceiling happend to match this new dress (bought in Bologna). I was looking up a name for it but didn't really know how to call it, a dungarees dress? Pinafore dress? I only know a name in Dutch: tuinrok. So any suggestions about how to call it? Anyways this new dress is so lovely, it goes along with just a black or white tee and I wore it with my Birkenstocks and some black accessories like the tiltil tote bag and a floppy hat. I'm wearing the dress so much lately, ever right now while writing this. I think this may be my favourite outfit from Italy, there is one last one comping up! Do you like this outfit? 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

TRAVEL - BOLOGNA, a mosaic and roofed streets city

So over the past few weeks we, Paul and I, were still exploaring Italy. Yesterday my first day of school begon and that was something I still have to get used to (I was in there till 17:30). Luckily most of my wensdays are a day off (just like monday ahhh!) so that hellps getting started. Anyways, this is Bologna (Italy). Such a wonderfull city, for me not that known if you think about Italy. But Bologna is certainly worthwhile. Before we leaved I searched up a little bit about the city, but our guest lady of the B&B told us much more. 
The first day (about the last two photos) we got there is was a bit rainy, but that didn't mind for what we were gonna do. Upward of the city is a roofed walkway, counting 666 pillars and about 4 kilometers long, leading to Santuario di Madonna di San Luca. The walk was lovely and perfect for a rainy day, when we finished the roofed path we arrived at San Luca together with the sun! It was such a beautiful place.
But there is more that we climed in Bologna: Torre degli Asinelli. A tower of almost 100 meters high right in the centre of the city. We were told that if you can make it to the top of the tower (or any climb) you will succeed, whether it's your study, life or somehing else. That in mind we went to the tower to get to the top. Walking the stairs in the tower was a bit scarry ass you could easily look down and see the many meters beneath you. But the view when you reached the top was worth it all, you could see the whole city and further. 
Wow that's a long piece of words above here. But they had to be said about bologna. Whenever we weren't climbing something we wandered around the city, did some shopping (Brandy Melville!!), eat ice-cream and pizza. And for me I could stare at the floors forever since most of the floors in Bologna were paved with mosaic, for a little impression look at the 3th photograph. Have you ever been to Bologna?