Thursday, October 01, 2015

From beast to beauty - DIY see through butterfly frame

I still like to call my DIY posts "From beast to beauty". If we go way, wayyyyy back this was that very first post of that category. If you'll click you see where I got the word beast for this title. Anyways this is more an interior DIY then a clothing one. But I thought why not give it a try and see how it will turn out. 
So I did a DIY for a see through frame, which you see in stores a lot lately. They are so beautiful, yet sometimes a bit expensive (I love the ones with rose/golden little frames).  It is not a very big secret that you can easily make one yourself: all you need is two photo frames and then replace the cardboard of the first frame with the glass of the second frame. Get it? 
Then you can put anything you love between the two glasses. I've always wanted a stuffed butterfly, but you'll need way more money for those then the see through frames from the shops. A while ago I found this lovely vintage butterfly book in a secondhand shop in my town. And when I was thinking about what to put between the glasses my eye fell on that vintage little book. So I carfully cutted out a butterfly from the book and there was my 'see through butterfly frame'. NOTE: if you don't have a fancy vintage butterfly book you can also just print out one from Pinterest or anywhere else on the internet and that can be something else then a butterfly too. Or you can put something else between them, like a post-card, some dried plants/flowers, a quote. Anything. Do you like this DIY? & Are you going to make this see through frame too?


  1. So nice! :-)

  2. Echt heel mooi en ik vind de naam voor DIY artikelen heel leuk. Veel origineler dan DIY- item X.

  3. Ik vind 'From beast to beauty' echt een leuke en originele naam en dit is weer zo mooi geworden! ♥

  4. Hoe gaaf! Echt heel leuk :) XO

  5. Jaa super leuk gemaakt! Bij de action hebben ze ook zulke lijstjes voor een klein prijsje :)