Friday, October 09, 2015

INSTAGRAM // I wish we could wander together forever

1. "I wish we could wander together forever", don't know if I saw that quote somewhere or that those words just came in to my mind, but I like the quote. 2. Put some new clothes on my rail, (AW warderobe?) I'm in love with the black&white and the wine-red&natural-pink those colour combinations are lovely. 3. Dreaming about when we were still in Venice/Italy, I wish to go abroad again real soon 4. Got this really, really, good brownie at Bagels Beans, and those purple glasses (new) were a present from Paul 5. Another throwback to when in Antwerp, I love this photo of Paul and me 6. Last week Janne and I visited nijmegen again, this was at 'Make My Day' they sell amazing thingies 7. Got a new skirt! Right now I'm on my way to Nijmegen to do some shopping with Willemijn and I'll shoot this outfit! 8. The lovely interior of 'Fika' 9. Photo from my last outfit post!
And for now: WEEKEND! I'm in love with that. This week felt like forever but at the other hand time flies, my first period of school is already over and the exams are almost here. and after that there is a week off! That will be my (late) autumn break, I can't wait for that time and visit the woods when all the leaves are coloured brown yellow and red! Anyways, have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Wauw, prachtige foto's! I love it!

  2. Ugh...wat een mooie Tumblr plaatjes weer. Ik vind die quote wel heel mooi.

  3. Ah ja die quote, love it. Maar, dan moet ik nog wel de perfecte vriend vinden haha. Fijne plaatjes x

  4. Wauww mega mooie foto's :) Die 5de foto is op Linkeroever getrokken toch? Daar woon ik :D

    1. Jaa dat klopt! Wat leuk dat je het herkend hihi :) Het is zo mooi daar!