Wednesday, October 07, 2015

LOVELY LOCATIONS // Fika, Nijmegen

Van Broeckhuysenstraat 5, Nijmegen
Here is the second "Lovely Locations"! Janne and I went to Fika; a coffee/lunch/drink/wine/beer -(lunch)cafe, yes so much possibilities, with a beautiful Scandinavian style. This time I brought my camera and shot some photographs myself. I'm more and more exploaring the 'M' on my camera and that turned out well for these photos. And I think I'm even proud of these ones I made. BUT: In a cafe which looks like this you could never ever take a bad photo, it is almost like this interior made the photos for me. Fika's interior. It is perfect. That is the only word.The Scandinavian atmosphere gives me so much (interior) inspiration and makes me want to chance my room again (yes again). But then I'd love to change more than just the possition of my things. 
Anyways, let's not digress, this post is about Fika. Just like at Met Passie they sell Naturfrisk, which made me so happy because (especially the elderflower) it's so good! Plus the bottles are beautiful designed. Since my last "Lovely Locations": have you tried it yet? We also had a little lunch: an Open tösti, with parma ham, mozarella, pesto and little tomatoes. It was lovely too (the word lovely just is lovely I'm sorry for using it so much)! On the lunch menu are about 15 varieties of smörrebröd: richly filled sandwiches, who are not too big so that you can order about 2 or 3 of them for a complete lunch. Or 1 just like we did, since we weren't that hungry. I really like the fact that the smörrebröds are that small to choose more. That makes choosing less hard: you can easily pick both! I would love to go back soon to taste the other smörrebröds. Have you ever been to Fika?