Friday, October 23, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY // Autumn Atmospheres (in black&white)

Since, ehmm, since "not so long" I'm photographing with my Canon on the 'M' stand. That not so long is about 1 or 2 months (first I always used 'AV'). It took me a while to figure all the options out but photograping Manual pleases me well. It is such a nice thing that with the 'M' you can transform your image exactly the way you want to. 
These are some photographs from lately/this autumn. I loved how they turned out but they were all quit different so I didn't knew what to do with them. But they all had one thing in common: these photos carry a big autumn atmosphere... And that is how this autumn series arised. 
1. The beautiful hydrangeas are changing their colours just like the trees and the colour differences are so lovely! 2. When the sun painted my lace curtains on the wall, I love this shadow effect. 3&5. Two weekends ago I gave the forrest a visit and took some photos there too. (that photo of me walking in the woods is at the same time a little preview for an upcoming outfit post!). I think if there is one thing that reflects autumn it must be visiting the woods(/forrest). 4. Last week I had this really, really good "Caramel Choclate Crunch Milk" at Muggs&Muffins. Such a lovely autumn drink! It was with crunched maltezers and cream on top which was the best! 
What do you think of these autumn photographs?


  1. Wat kan je prachtige foto's maken. En zo'n heerlijke sfeer, al deze samen <3

  2. Hele toffe foto's :) Ik gebruik zelf ook steeds meer zwartwit foto's!

  3. Wat heb je prachtige foto's gemaakt!

  4. Ah wat een toffe foto's, dat zwart-witte geeft nog extra sfeer!<3
    X Emma

  5. Wauw, je hebt zulke mooie foto's gemaakt!


  6. Ik ben dol op je ;) Ik word altijd helemaal vrolijk van je in deze diepe, te vroege duisternis haha!

  7. Ahh wauw, heerlijke en mooie foto's! :)


  8. Mooie foto's! Ik fotografeer in altijd in AV, misschien moet ik ook eens M proberen!