Monday, November 02, 2015

ANALOG SET 003 - Travel essentials

A sort of new category on the blog, while looking for some inspiration for other posts I looked at really old blogpost I wrote and found the category: Analog set. Creating a set but then in real laying on your floor. Right now I'm on my way to the air port, I'm flying out of holland in a bit and it is a suprise for me where we (Paul and I) are going. I'm really exited and I can't wait to see another place, nature and culture, anything else then home right now: wanderlust is on strong. So I won't be blogging much this week but I have one outfit post planned and you'll (hopefully) see lots of Instagram photos: @ninaheutinck 
Oh and ofcourse a little bit about this analog set, some travel essentials. A small bag and some sunnies, my analog camera. I hope that those will turn out well! That is always a suprise with analog photography. Oh and I hope to wear my new bikini! A little dreaming back to summer :) I got this lovely one from Triangl, love the crochet details so much, and they are actually very comfortable! So, hopefully I can try them on in the water. The weather will be around 20 degrees so maybe yes or maybe no, we'll see. Just like the choice between my Birkenstocks or my Dr.Martens. What do you think of this analog set?


  1. Replies
    1. Gaaaf trouwens, weer op reis! Ik ben benieuwd naar foto's op instagram :)

  2. Wat een fijne items! Die bikini en het tasje zijn mijn favoriet!

  3. i was in holland just a few days a go! Have fun there, its a beautiful country! x

  4. Super leuke bikini en heel veel plezier op vakantie!

  5. Wat een leuke items!

  6. aaaaah heel veel liefde voor je bikini (ik heb dezelfde, maar dan helemaal blauw!) <3333

  7. luv this post x