Thursday, November 26, 2015

OUTFIT/PHOTOGRAPHY // Endless stairs (Old Olympic Stadium)

New Look top // Cheap Monday skinnies // Vintage sunnies // Converse all stars
Lately I have so much inspiration for my blog, but such a lack of time to work on that. School plus work are taking a lot of time. Which isn't a bad thing, but well it is a little for my blog. Because of this my blog is still hanging in Athens, while I'm already busy with lots of other things. Like these outfit photos, they were still there on my computer, but only now I have time to post them and that makes my blog late, or something. 
But right now this post is online, which means the last post of Athens, which means room for new things/outfits/blogposts! So that is maybe what I need to do: start doing. Get out there and take pictures, shoot a new outfit, and what I want most: find/photograph a new Lovely Locations. So that are some plans for the coming days/weeks. I hope to fulfill them and find the time! 
And I can't only write about other things than these photographs. These are my favourites from the ones I took in Athens. The last day we would fly back in the afternoon and our plans were to see the temple of Zeus and shop a little, not knowing that we'd finish that very very fast. We decided to walk to the old Olympic stadium and to get in there. Best decision ever if you'd ask me. Those seats/stairs were amazingly high, they looked almost endless if you stood down. Plus that those stairs are a perfect place to shoot some photographs, the stairs give these such a lovely depth. I love the ones where I'm sitting most, and then mostly the last one in black and white. Ohh this was such a lovely place. Oh and what I'm wearing is a really simple outfit, a nice light striped top, my favourite skinnies and for a change white all stars, and that is, I think, all about that. 
What do you think of these photographs? And do you recognice my 'little problem' with blogging? I hope to come with something brand new soon!


  1. Wat een prachtige locatie! En je outfit matcht gek genoeg ook nog leuk erbij!

  2. Wauwie, super mooi weer! Je leuke portemonneetje ook weer hihi, hij is zo fotogeniek!

  3. Waau, wat een toffe locatie dit zeg! Mooie foto's en fijne look ook :)


  4. Echt een prachtige plek! Mooie foto's ♥

  5. Wow prachtige foto's :) xx

  6. Prachtige foto's! Mooie outfit ook!