Thursday, December 17, 2015

LOVELY LOCATIONS // Bairro Alto, Nijmegen

Bairro Alto, this actually should have been the first Lovely Location here on the blog. This place is my favourite in Nijmegen. I've know it for a couple of years now and it still amazes me with every visit. My first thought at Bairro: cheesecake. Their cheesecake is the best one ever (order that one when you're there!!) Talking about pies/pastries/cakes, the salted caramel brownie is amazing too! Those two are my favourites.
It is quit hard to find some words for Bairro Alto, you really just have to experience having lunch/pie/coffee/tea there. Last week I went there again and took some photos (some photos are from last week and some are oldies) while drinking lovely tea: ginger-orange-cinnamon! Willemijn and I sat there a while talking dreaming, eating, enjoying our time there: She had the cheesecake and I ordered a sandwich with salmon, mozzarella di buffalo and herb mayonnaise, really, really good
Bairro Alto is such a lovely place to escape the city when you're in the city (it is just behind the Grote markt) and the perfect place to sit and have a nice talk including lovely drinks and foods! Sitting there is so intimate and cosy, which is really nice. Oh and when it's summer you can order a picknick basket and sit on the other site of the street: in the sun and in the grass. If you want to know some more click on the link just below the last photo to go to Bairro's website. Have you every been to Bairro Alto?

Monday, December 14, 2015

OUTFIT // New Brandy Melville jumper and necklace

Brandy Melville jumper, necklace // Zara skirt // Dr.Martens shoes // Vintage watch
A new outfit! Last week I went to Amsterdam twice. On wednesday: We went to Stedelijk Museum with school. It was my first time there and it was really lovely, we only had an 1 hour tour and after that a half hour to see more for yourself, which was way too short. But that is a chance to go back another time (soon)! Before and after we had some time in Amsterdam. I had to stop by at Brandy Melville. There always are so many lovely items there, I bought the red/purple jumper I'm wearing in this outfit. It is so soft and comfy, and I love the colour which is a little different than all that bordeaux-red. The triangle necklace is also from Brandy. What do you think of these items? 
On saturday I went to amsterdam again: went to Typhoon in the Heineken Music Hall. The concert (or maybe the show) was amazing, I didn't knew that I would love the music that much. Anyone who has been to Typhoon too? 
It was really nice to shoot some outfit photos again. Thanks Willemijn for taking these photos! Lately I have blog dips a lot but they are fading more and more, and I'm happy that I found some content to fill my blog with. Got another "Lovely Locations" coming up too! But for now this outfit, I'm in love with my new jumper and it matches the vintage effect in these photos very well, What do you think of these?

Friday, December 11, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY // You and me, let's be incomplete

Taking some photos in your own room on a sunny morning is always a good idea. This wednesday I had to go to school late in the morning/afternoon and woke up to some pretty lovely sun. Talking about good ideas: taking more photographs is a good idea, taking some more time to work on my blog is a good idea, and taking more "off-time" is a good idea. That is what I need to plan in. It is already december but I still don't have that christmas feeling which I'm loning for. When I'm not at school I am working. Which is great for some extra money, but lately I miss the off-time I used to had. 
But last wednesday morning was like that off time again, I woke op really easy and the sun made my room a great place to shoot some photos. The side of my bed got the most light and the lace curtains created beautiful shadows on the wall. That combined with listening to some vinyl made it more lovely! I listend to James Bay and Ben Howard, which are still my favourites. From James Bay I really love incomplete. I'm actually listening to that one while writing this. That brings another good idea: listen more music. Today I'm working but I'll have this weekend to work on the 'good ideas'. Have a lovely weekend! Do you have any good ideas like these to?