Sunday, February 14, 2016

OUTFIT // Pretty places in Nijmegen

Mango skirt // Brandy Melville jumper // Zara coat // Dr.Martens shoes // Tiltil bag

A new outfit, and yet a very old outfit. These photos were taken a few days after Christmas and I sort of forgot to make an outfit post with these, though you may have seen them on my Instagram. But here they are. I love how they turned out so that's why they are here after such a while. They were taken at the courtyard from the Stevenskerk. Which is such a lovely place. It always seems as if there hasn't been a chance in forever, like you are back in time when you are there. (There will be a little photography post about that place soon!) 
It is a perfect place to shoot some outfit photos too. About the outfit, it is a quit simple one. But the skirt is a special one for me, indirectly I got it from my grandmother for Christmas, that's when I wore the skirt too. I love the colour, fabric, front pockets and the A-line. Then a nice soft Brandy Melville jumper on top, and ofcourse some black: the favourite Dr.Martens, my black coat and a Tiltil shopper and there is an outfit! Oh while writing this, I remember that it's Valentine's day. The red skirt matches that a little! That is just coincidence, but maybe some Valentine's outfit inspiration too! I don't really believe in Valentine's day, then you only do something nice because it is a love-named day. You should do something nice any day if you want to! Not because of some named day. Anyways, showing your love is alwyas good, whether it's Valentine's day or not, don't you think? And what do you think of this outfit?


  1. Ik ben 'verliefd' op dat rode velvet rokje.

  2. Wat een super leuke outfit! Je rokje is echt te leuk. X

  3. Dat rokje is geweldig! Staat je super:) Ik ben nog nooit in Nijmegen geweest volgens mij...

  4. Very nice outfit :)


  5. Nice coat :)
    Maria V.