Wednesday, March 09, 2016

OUTFIT IDEAS // The Outfit Creators

Since a little while Janne and I started working on The Outfit Creators again. Every Tuesday and Friday we share a new outfit (outfits like these above) on our Facebook page, with hope to give you some inspiration! So if you like you can check it out! A few days ago I made this collection, and it is something I would really want to wear. All the outfits I make are some wishes actually. I'm in love with the vintage-pink-ish colour the pinafore dress has! At the moment my closet contains one pinafore dress in denim, this one would be a lovely addition. Then combined with some black items and a striped top would make a great outfit! At least, that's what I think. So maybe it's time to get another one! Do you like this outfit? And did you know The Outfit Creators already?


  1. Oeh ja, dat pinafore jurkje vind ik zo fantastisch!

  2. Deze outfit zou ik zeker eens willen dragen. Leuk. :) xx

  3. Zo leuk dat jullie ermee verder gaan op Facebook! Volgens mij like ik jullie pagina al want ik zie wel eens een outfit voorbij komen. :) Dit is zo'n mooie look!