Tuesday, April 12, 2016

INSTAGRAM // There are many ways this way

Hi there! For me, school has started again, the last semester is here. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Only 10 weeks before the summer hollidays are here already and after that my internship  is right around the corner.. I have no clue about what I want to do with that, or what I would like to do, or even what I could do. I don't feel like I know much yet. Have you had an internship? What did you do? Maybe time will tell what mine will be. I hope so. And I shouldn't rush things. For now a little Instagram update. 
1. Beautiful blossom trees in Delft. Paul and I went to this city last week, in a few days there will be a Delft post online! 2. Breakfast at Down Town, the best place for pretty breakfasts in Nijmegen! See my post about it here 3. From where I stand, bought a beautiful dress at Mango, I hope to shoot outfit photos with that one soon! 4. The first outfit with sunnies again! I love that spring is here 5. Yay for ice cream! 6. A little throwback to Athens 7. Beautiful Paradiso 8. Beautiful Paradiso 2.0, my niece and I went to see Matt Corby, it was really amazing! 9. The last one: still happy with these new shoes! What do you think of these photographs? Have a lovely week! 


  1. Hele coole foto's. Ik word altijd blij van je foto's op instagram. Ze brengen een fijn sfeertje naar boven. :) Succes met je stage. Ik ben benieuwd wat je precies gaat doen. Ik vind het altijd erg interessant om te zien wat er allemaal aan bod komt bij studies van mensen om me heen. Studiekeuze stress enzo... xoxo

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