Monday, April 18, 2016

NEW x POLETTE // The perfect vintage sunnies

Hello to my new sunnies! Last friday when I got home from a long day at school there was a Polette package waiting for me. I was so happy when they arrived, perfect timing along with the sunny weather which is here these days! Yesterday, before work, I enjoyed the weather and my new sunnies while sitting outside in the sun and shooting these photographs. 
Did you know Polette already? Polette is a French optician and now they're also in the Netherlands. Compared to others their collection has a high quality with at the same time low prices. I felt honored when they contacted me, and at the same time I had no clue which frame to pick: there are so many beautiful frames! You can check them out on their webshop. A really nice thing about Polette is that you are able to choose a frame and after that you can independently choose which glasses you need or want. Since I don't need glasses I chose sunglasses. You can choose which colour you want: green, blue, black or as I got: brown. And then you're also able to choose the tint level of your sunglasses. I went for 85%, but you can also choose 25%, 50% or gradient glasses. So in short: you can endlessly design your own (sun)glasses. I really like that aspect, since creating something of your own is something I really like.
The frame I got is called: Camouflage Savanne. I'm in love with the vintage look, thin temples and golden details. It really fits 'my style' (if I got one haha), and I can't wait to shoot an outfit post with these vintage treasures and just to wear them a lot! What do you think of my new sunnies?