Friday, July 15, 2016

HOLLIDAY // Places we'll wander

This was my very first "free" summer night. Three weeks ago I passed my re-examination, held the last presentation,  and finished the final deadline. That already seems ages ago. But I still wanted to share these photos and this evening in a blog post. This first night without stress gave me such a freedom feeling.
Paul and I decided to take a walk, a bit away from the (sometimes crowded) city. In Nijmegen they're giving the river more space, and around there you can find beautiful fresh nature and some new lovely architecture. We walked along the two bridges, hand in hand, facing the sun. Enjoying our free time together. We went through the fresh grass filled with pretty flowers and next to the water. It was such an easy night. Plus the fact that everything including bare legs is more fun gave something extra to that freedom feeling, the hot sun is lovely. I didn't brought my camera but I had my phone in the frontpocket of my pinafore dress, which I used a lot. Out of all that came this Places we'll wander photo series. Maybe that is a post category to keep. I'm in love with the warm, green colours and the sun, and the shadows, and the nature. What do you think of this series? And is your holliday (almost) here too?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

INSTAGRAM // All inside our Amsterdam she hides

Another Instagram post, to save some of the images I posted upon there. It has been a while since my last insta post, so it may includes some old photos but that's not a bad thing. Aahh.. I have found an internship! After the summer I'll be an intern at Foam !! A photography museum in Amsterdam. Right now you can see the exhibition of Helmut Newton, which is amazing! I'm so happy that I finally found an internship and even more that it is one at the photography museum of Amsterdam. Right now I'm on my way to that city again. Hope to do some shopping for the coming summer and to take with me on my holliday. Anyways here is a litte about these photographs.
1. Got myself some new jewelry, I'm obsessed with anklets lately 2. Love this photo, you can more of it in this outfit post 3. A throwback to Venice, Italy last year. Only two weeks until I go abroad again! 4. Loved this shop in Amsterdam! 5. Some polaroids with good memories 6. Ice cream!! I can't keep up with how many ice cream I have had 7. Pretty views with Anna in Leeuwarden, check my previous post to see some more about this city in the north 8. Went out for breakfast at Down Town with Paul. The food is always so good there, this time we had a brekkie to share 9. Happy to wear my birkenstocks again! What have you been up too?

Thursday, July 07, 2016

TRAVEL // Leeuwarden

Last week I traveled to Leeuwarden with Anna. After the summer she is going to study there, so we decided to explore the city. We got up early in the morning and took the train far north. By train it took us 2,5 hours to get there, and also 2,5 hours to go home again. Which means: we spend more time in the train then in Leeuwarden. But it was worth it, we had a lovely day there!
When we arrived in the city it was training quit a lot, and for a long time. We walked towards the centre as the raining became havier. But we still had to get some lunch so we went somewhere warm inside! I had a lovely italian tosti and Anna got a sandwich with salmon. We sat there eating, and talking until the rain stopped and went in to the centre afterwards. We wandered around there, and just exploard the city. Did a little shopping, and came across the loveliest streets and houses.
When we thought we saw everything and planned on taking the train home we saw a big old tower. Since it wasn't that late yet we decided to check it out, and found that we could climb it! The tower is called the "Oldehove" and on the old stairs we made our way to the top. Which was, for me haha, a scarry path. However, after a few widing staircases we saw the most amazing view! We were so happy that we didn't took the train home just yet. We saw so much from on the top of the Oldehove, plus it was a beautiful place to take some photographs. The view was amazing!
After we came down again we met up with Nienke who's living and studying there (too). It was so nice to see her in the city where she went to. She said, "what Nijmegen is to you, is Leeuwarden to me". The three of us walked to the station together and Nienke showed us, especially Anna, some good places to go, to eat and to go out. Arrived at the station we said goodbye and Anna and I took that long train ride home again. Leeuwarden was such a lovely city. A lot of the "old dutch architecture" is still there and the atmosphere is very good. I hope to go back some day, but that will be fine since I will visit Anna lots next year! Have you ever been to Leeuwarden?

Monday, July 04, 2016

OUTFIT // Move like you want

H&M blouse, top, bag // Cheap Monday high skinnies // Birkenstocks sandals // Vintage sunnies
Photographs by Janne

Finally a new blog post! I've been working on my blog a lot lately, but it all didn't came as fast and easy as I wanted. I'm working on a new layout and also on a new blog name. The last three weeks I've been busy shooting outfits, writing a few travel posts and some other blog stuff. I wanted to wait with posting everything until the new layout+name was online too. But, as I said, that took me a little but longer since I'm also busy with work and finding an internship which will start in september. So have to wait a bit longer for the new design. Anyways, I thought, why not start writing below all the photographs I took and see where that will bring me. That's what I did and so.. a brand new outfit post! I just couldn't wait posting, which can relate to the title of this post. The other new stuff will, hopefully, be here soon too. 
Now, about these outfit & place. In Nijmegen they're creating more space for the river and around that there is this beaustiful place for (outfit)photographs. (More about this place soon!) On a free friday Janne and I went here to shoot some photos. My outfit is quit simple, but I love to look at the whole picture, everything together.. I love the blouse, with the black and the stairs that match my outfit. I added a hat, a boho bag, some jewelry and my favourite sunnies to make the outfit a bit more special. Ohh and I love the fact that I'm able to wear my birkies again!! The last weeks gave us a lot of rain but I have good hope for the sun to come this week. Plus good hope for my blog! From now on I try to post regularly, about 1/3 post each week. Already got lots of inspiration in my mind. 
What do you think of this outfit? And what have you been up too? Have a lovely week!