Wednesday, July 13, 2016

INSTAGRAM // All inside our Amsterdam she hides

Another Instagram post, to save some of the images I posted upon there. It has been a while since my last insta post, so it may includes some old photos but that's not a bad thing. Aahh.. I have found an internship! After the summer I'll be an intern at Foam !! A photography museum in Amsterdam. Right now you can see the exhibition of Helmut Newton, which is amazing! I'm so happy that I finally found an internship and even more that it is one at the photography museum of Amsterdam. Right now I'm on my way to that city again. Hope to do some shopping for the coming summer and to take with me on my holliday. Anyways here is a litte about these photographs.
1. Got myself some new jewelry, I'm obsessed with anklets lately 2. Love this photo, you can more of it in this outfit post 3. A throwback to Venice, Italy last year. Only two weeks until I go abroad again! 4. Loved this shop in Amsterdam! 5. Some polaroids with good memories 6. Ice cream!! I can't keep up with how many ice cream I have had 7. Pretty views with Anna in Leeuwarden, check my previous post to see some more about this city in the north 8. Went out for breakfast at Down Town with Paul. The food is always so good there, this time we had a brekkie to share 9. Happy to wear my birkenstocks again! What have you been up too?

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  1. Ja zo leuk en fijn dat je een stage hebt gevonden :)